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12/06/2010Perdue: Private gifts a must in fiscal future 1  PERDUE, Bev
12/07/2010Ed: Private problems: More than money at stake in shifting funding model 10  PERDUE, Bev
01/24/2011Ed: A (Bev)erage problem 7  PERDUE, Bev
02/15/2011Perdue addresses education in State of the State 3  PERDUE, Bev
02/22/2011Critics question Perdue's proposal 1  PERDUE, Bev
02/24/2011GOP against Perdue's budget 3  PERDUE, Bev
02/21/2011Ed: Bev's budget burden 4  PERDUE, Bev
02/18/2011Perdu plans for cuts, layoffs 1  PERDUE, Bev
05/26/2011Editorial: State Wide Web [Level Playing Field Act][ 8  PERDUE, Bev
07/07/2011Perdue right to veto voter registration ID legislation (letter) 8  PERDUE, Bev
07/01/2010Perdue begins term as head of Southern education board 3  PERDUE, Bev
03/23/2010Former trustee investigated 1  PERDUE, Bev
04/21/2010Perdue spares UNC system 1  PERDUE, Bev
09/06/2012Perdue rallies for Obama 3  PERDUE, Bev
12/05/2012Perdue leaves a long legacy 1  PERDUE, Bev
01/17/2013Perdue to speak on leadership 3  PERDUE, Bev
01/18/2013Former Gov. Perdue talks on leadership 3  PERDUE, Bev
01/25/2013Perdue heads to Harvard for fellowship 3  PERDUE, Bev
08/16/2008Perdue, McCroryface off in heated governor race 5  PERDUE, Bev
10/31/2008Perdue visits Chapel Hill 7  PERDUE, Bev
01/12/2009Perdue Takes Office 3  PERDUE, Bev
01/26/2009Perdue to streamline secondary, higher ed 5  PERDUE, Bev
02/20/2009Ed: Track Perdue 12  PERDUE, Bev
03/16/2009Perdue announces big probation expansion 1  PERDUE, Bev
03/17/2009Perdue announces education priorities 1  PERDUE, Bev
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