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11/30/1999Pedestrians to Demand Protection 1  PEDESTRIAN SAFETY
03/23/2000GPSF committee needs to rethink [letter] 14  PEDESTRIAN SAFETY
06/12/1980Council approves crosswalk 1  PEDESTRIAN SAFETY
10/11/1988Fatalities low in Chapel Hill 7  PEDESTRIAN SAFETY
01/21/1988Pedestrians involved in...accidents 3  PEDESTRIAN SAFETY
04/10/1980Town urged to improve. . . 1  PEDESTRIAN SAFETY
04/14/1980Editorial: A needed crosswalk 6  PEDESTRIAN SAFETY
12/02/2003Panel to study intersection safety 2  PEDESTRIAN SAFETY
08/25/2004Signs protect pedestrians by spotlighting safety law (letter) 12  PEDESTRIAN SAFETY
09/02/2004South Columbia Street isn't very safe for pedestrians (letter) 12  PEDESTRIAN SAFETY
09/09/2004Op.Ed: Aggressive drivers diminish the health of Chapel Hill 14  PEDESTRIAN SAFETY
09/23/2004Editorial: Town connections 12  PEDESTRIAN SAFETY
09/29/2004Report seeks fix for street safety 3  PEDESTRIAN SAFETY
10/08/2004Walkers, drivers 'Yield to Heels' 3  PEDESTRIAN SAFETY
09/30/2011Junior struck by van treated for injuries 7  PEDESTRIAN SAFETY
08/24/2010Pedestrian safety projects completed 12  PEDESTRIAN SAFETY
02/17/2010Intersection safety to be improved 6  PEDESTRIAN SAFETY
04/26/2010Ed: Walk this way 8  PEDESTRIAN SAFETY
10/16/1929Member of faculty warns pedestrians of night walking - along Pittsboro Highway 1  PEDESTRIAN SAFETY
04/05/2012Ed: Aiming for a safer town 12  PEDESTRIAN SAFETY
02/21/2013Town officials stress drivers' role in pedestrian safety 3  PEDESTRIAN SAFETY
09/23/2013Bicyclists, pedestrian deaths raise concerns 1  PEDESTRIAN SAFETY
10/09/2013Ed: Put safety first 8  PEDESTRIAN SAFETY
01/16/2009Ed: Pedestrians at risk 12  PEDESTRIAN SAFETY
05/22/2008Two pedestrian deaths highlight safety concerns 1  PEDESTRIAN SAFETY