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11/08/1996Student Congress pans nighttime parking passes 2  PARKING NIGHT
06/19/2014Ed: A hard day's night 8  PARKING NIGHT
12/05/2001Congress votes to condemn parking ideas 3  PARKING, NIGHT
03/21/2002Officials see smooth road for night permits 1  PARKING, NIGHT
11/30/2001E-mail to solicit opinions on night parking 1  PARKING, NIGHT
12/02/2001Student officials question night parking survey 1  PARKING, NIGHT
01/22/2002Editorial: Keep night parking free 10  PARKING, NIGHT
03/25/2002OpEd: UNC's night parking plan: student safety sacrificied? 9  PARKING, NIGHT
04/01/2002BOT nixes night permit plan, asks administration to revise 1  PARKING, NIGHT
12/05/2001Meeting will address night parking 1  PARKING, NIGHT
03/22/2002Officials seek committee to reform TPAC 1  PARKING, NIGHT
12/06/2001Night parking debate not new for university 11  PARKING, NIGHT
04/02/2002Officials have few feasible options for parking plan 1  PARKING, NIGHT
12/06/2001TPAC examines nighttime parking, survey 1  PARKING, NIGHT
03/25/2002OpEd: The real story of night parking and why you can live with it 9  PARKING, NIGHT
...In the shadows [Editorial] 8  PARKING, NIGHT
09/18/1996Committee opposed to regulating night parking 2  PARKING, NIGHT
12/02/2001Putting proposal in park [Editorial] 8  PARKING, NIGHT
03/22/2002Night parking system remedies problem that doesn't exist [Letter] 9  PARKING, NIGHT
06/12/2014Students pay fee for night parking, faculty required to pay for pass 1  PARKING, NIGHT
06/19/2014Ed: A hard day's night 8  PARKING, NIGHT
08/16/2014Night parking: who can park for free? 4  PARKING, NIGHT