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03/28/2002One last chance [Editorial] 12  NIGHT PARKING, UNC
08/27/2003Swain, Morehead lots to extend pay hours 3  NIGHT PARKING, UNC
09/15/2003Pay lot increase frustrates community 5  NIGHT PARKING, UNC
10/07/2013Nearly $30 transit fee hike proposed 1  NIGHT PARKING, UNC
11/15/2013Task force continues parking fee talks 3  NIGHT PARKING, UNC
11/21/2013$10.40 night parking fee up for trustee vote 1  NIGHT PARKING, UNC
08/16/2014Night parking: who can park for free? 4  NIGHT PARKING, UNC
08/18/2014Night parking to remain free for all 4  NIGHT PARKING, UNC
11/13/2014For now, no night parking fee in sight 3  NIGHT PARKING, UNC
12/01/2014Budgets cut by 2 percent, no jobs lost 3  NIGHT PARKING, UNC
01/19/2000Faculty again push for night parking permits 3  PARKING UNC
08/31/1999Students Pleased by New Spaces 3  PARKING UNC
12/03/2003Officials share new growth plans 1  PARKING UNC
11/17/2003Proposal response criticizes parking 1  PARKING UNC
09/19/1959CH Merchants Ask Parking Meter Change 3  PARKING UNC
09/19/1968Auto Parking Still A Problem 1  PARKING UNC
09/20/1967Sitterson Hears Parking Pleas 1  PARKING UNC
01/11/1962Lack Of Space Not Reason For Students' Parking Woes 1  PARKING UNC
10/19/2003T-Sticker Reduces Rates By Half 1  PARKING UNC
03/05/1968Cartoon: "My, My..." 2  PARKING UNC
09/21/2010Demand steady for parking spaces 5  PARKING UNC
03/15/2011Town works to add more parking 4  PARKING UNC
02/29/2012Ed: Parking problems 10  PARKING UNC
07/19/2012UNC parking fills quickly 6  PARKING UNC
04/23/1963Parking Rights Endangered 1  PARKING UNC
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