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10/27/1976Aldermen to prohibit parking on Manning 1  PARKING, CHAPEL HILL
12/06/2001Town: parking lot in violation 3  PARKING, CHAPEL HILL
08/29/2001Resident urges others: use transit . . . [letter] 12  PARKING, CHAPEL HILL
11/08/1996Town officials say parking availability not a problem 1  PARKING, CHAPEL HILL
10/28/1997Town passes front-yard parking ordinance 1  PARKING, CHAPEL HILL
03/26/2003BOT could act on traffic, parking 3  PARKING, CHAPEL HILL
08/30/1991Merchants: parking rules hurt business 3  PARKING, CHAPEL HILL
03/24/1992Town council amends regulations for downtown 3  PARKING, CHAPEL HILL
09/24/1997Front-yard parking ordinance threat to fundamental rights (letter) 10  PARKING, CHAPEL HILL
10/30/2002Chapel Hill Parking Lot Limits Under Discussion by Residents 5  PARKING, CHAPEL HILL
04/03/2002Town may up prices to park 1  PARKING, CHAPEL HILL
08/30/2002Neighborhood United 8  PARKING, CHAPEL HILL
09/17/1997Parking holds up proposal for new apartments 3  PARKING, CHAPEL HILL
10/14/1998Securiy Gate Left Open for 'Acces' 1  PARKING, CHAPEL HILL
11/12/2002Ban Limits Northside Parking 3  PARKING, CHAPEL HILL
09/04/1971Local towing laws challenged in court 1  PARKING, CHAPEL HILL
03/31/1998Malfunctioning parking meters lead to tickets downtown 1  PARKING, CHAPEL HILL
09/19/1997Editorial: Freedom of parking 10  PARKING, CHAPEL HILL
04/04/2002Town discusses parking fee hike to boost budget 3  PARKING, CHAPEL HILL
08/30/2001Editorial: Problem parking [shortage on town & UNC 14  PARKING, CHAPEL HILL
01/22/1992Council hears plan to relax restrictions on. . . 1  PARKING, CHAPEL HILL
09/16/1971Downtown parking deck approved by town 1  PARKING, CHAPEL HILL
09/11/1979Council approves design..four-level 1  PARKING, CHAPEL HILL
03/23/1992Town to pursue outstanding ticket debtors 3  PARKING, CHAPEL HILL
04/08/1974Town revamping bus, parking system 1  PARKING, CHAPEL HILL
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