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02/14/1996Editorial: A Pour Law 10  OPEN CONTAINER LAWS
09/03/1996Police send fliers to curb container violations 2  OPEN CONTAINER LAWS
02/27/1996Council Hears Alcohol, Bar Concerns 1  OPEN CONTAINER LAWS
09/03/1996Editorial: [Ticketing tradition] 12  OPEN CONTAINER LAWS
11/09/1995Open-Container Law Citation Was Proof of Failed System 14  OPEN CONTAINER LAWS
08/23/1995New open-container law leads to crackdown at campus party 1A  OPEN CONTAINER LAWS
09/09/1997Editorial: Mixed messages 10  OPEN CONTAINER LAWS
09/06/1996Opn-container law, alumni working together in stupidity 8  OPEN CONTAINER LAWS
02/21/1996Editorial: At Lagerheads 10  OPEN CONTAINER LAWS
02/16/1996'Beer Patriot' Issued Second Citation 1  OPEN CONTAINER LAWS
10/14/1996Police report no open container violations 1  OPEN CONTAINER LAWS
10/29/1996ALE's town visit yields few arrests 3  OPEN CONTAINER LAWS
11/02/1995ALE Pleased With Few Arrests 1  OPEN CONTAINER LAWS
10/24/1995Student protests open-container law in civil disobedience action 1  OPEN CONTAINER LAWS
11/16/1995Concil Mulls Revised Open-Container Law 1  OPEN CONTAINER LAWS
10/30/1995Student's civil disobedience action should be commended 12  OPEN CONTAINER LAWS
11/21/1995Defendant Continues Open-Container Fight, Enters Not Guilty Plea 3  OPEN CONTAINER LAWS
11/01/1995Civil Disobedience of Drinking Law Is Only a Waste of Time 10  OPEN CONTAINER LAWS
02/20/1997Container ordinance helps town 3  OPEN CONTAINER LAWS
02/02/1996Judge Questions Merits of Open Container Ordinance 1  OPEN CONTAINER LAWS
10/14/2010Open container citations multiply sixfold 1  OPEN CONTAINER LAWS
11/15/1995Container Ban Passes In Carrboro 1  OPEN CONTAINER LAWS,CARRBORO