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02/04/2000ASU explores benefits of online education 4  ONLINE CLASSES
01/08/1998Online classes canned due to low funds 1  ONLINE CLASSES
12/03/2004UNC eyes a future in cyberspace 4  ONLINE CLASSES
10/05/2010Classes taken online face tuition hike 9  ONLINE CLASSES
10/08/2010Online hike lacks class 14  ONLINE CLASSES
10/12/2010Online classes important to expanding education (letter) 8  ONLINE CLASSES
10/19/2010Online classes important to expanding education (letter) 8  ONLINE CLASSES
...On-campus and online classes similarly rigorous 8  ONLINE CLASSES
10/18/2010UNC system looks to expand online learning programs 1  ONLINE CLASSES
10/25/2010Editorial: Online not the answer 5  ONLINE CLASSES
11/16/2010UNC launches online MBA 1  ONLINE CLASSES
04/20/2011Hybrid classes now in demand 8  ONLINE CLASSES
09/15/2011Local schools limit online course offerings 10  ONLINE CLASSES
09/20/2011Online MBA program a success 7  ONLINE CLASSES
11/14/2011BOG turns to online education 3  ONLINE CLASSES
11/18/2011UNC system shifts focus to online 3  ONLINE CLASSES
09/01/2010Ed: Do the math 10  ONLINE CLASSES
07/26/2012No plans for UNC to join with Coursera 4  ONLINE CLASSES
10/23/2012Faculty executive committee discusses online education 5  ONLINE CLASSES
11/19/2012UNC to offer outside online classes in 2013 3  ONLINE CLASSES
11/20/2012Ed: Harnessing technology 10  ONLINE CLASSES
01/28/2013System explores free online courses 1  ONLINE CLASSES
02/21/2013UNC will offer 4 MOOCs in fall 3  ONLINE CLASSES
04/25/2013Universities ramping up online degrees 3  ONLINE CLASSES
09/06/2013UNC courses launched 3  ONLINE CLASSES
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