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06/16/2011Obama focuses on NC jobs ahead of reelection bid 1  OBAMA, Barack
07/28/2011Obama focuses on NC jobs ahead of reelection bid 1  OBAMA, Barack
09/15/2011No time for games 1  OBAMA, Barack
09/14/2011Thousands of students wait in line for Obama tickets 3  OBAMA, Barack
12/06/2011Thorp, Obama talk costs 1  OBAMA, Barack
12/07/2011Obama meeting yields ideas 1  OBAMA, Barack
03/02/2009In speech to N.C. Marines, Obama calls for a shift 1  OBAMA, Barack
02/17/2010Bowles, Simpson to head bipartisan delegation 6  OBAMA, Barack
04/05/2011Obama emphasizes job creation in Charlotte 1  OBAMA, Barack
02/22/2012Obama for America comes to Franklin 7  OBAMA, Barack
04/24/2012All tickets sold out for Obama talks 1  OBAMA, Barack
04/25/2012Obama appears on 'Fallon' 3  OBAMA, Barack
09/06/2012Perdue rallies for Obama 3  OBAMA, Barack
09/07/2012Obama lays out 4-year vision 1  OBAMA, Barack
...Chapel Hill residents shut out of speech 3  OBAMA, Barack
10/04/2012Obama, Romney spar on economy 3  OBAMA, Barack
11/02/2012Analysts see Romney winning NC 1  OBAMA, Barack
11/07/2012A President prevails 1  OBAMA, Barack
01/22/2013Students attend inauguration, express hopes for coming term 1  OBAMA, Barack
04/08/2013Resolution restricts political research 1  OBAMA, Barack
08/28/2013Obama lays out affordable higher education plan 1  OBAMA, Barack
08/27/2013Ed: Rating the competition 8  OBAMA, Barack
10/01/2013Obamacare has arrived 1  OBAMA, Barack
01/28/2008Style drives Obama win 1  OBAMA, Barack
11/02/2007Obama stumps in Durham 3  OBAMA, Barack
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