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04/17/1998Nike defends practices in other nations 2  NIKE CORPORATION
05/01/2000Nike fails to renew UM deal 1  NIKE CORPORATION
02/28/2001SEJ meets with Moeser, shares labor concerns 1  NIKE CORPORATION
10/24/2001Editorial: Making Deals [UNC & Nike must follow contract fully] 12  NIKE CORPORATION
03/05/2001Op.Ed: Nike is working to reinstate Mexican workers' rights 13  NIKE CORPORATION
02/21/2001SEJ goes to the mattresses over Nike 3  NIKE CORPORATION
09/19/2001N. C. A & T celebrates new sponsor [Nike] 6  NIKE CORPORATION
02/20/2001Nike striving to better Kukdong conditions 3  NIKE CORPORATION
04/29/1998Nike CEO Phil Knight makes suprise visit to labor seminar 1  NIKE CORPORATION
01/29/2001Editorial: Operation Dong: Moseser is not doing enough 10  NIKE CORPORATION
10/17/2001Officials announce 8-year Nike contract 1  NIKE CORPORATION
01/25/2001SEJ presses Moeser for firmer stance against Mexico factory 1  NIKE CORPORATION
04/30/1998Editorial: Missed opportunity 22  NIKE CORPORATION
05/01/2001Athletic officials should use leverage with Nike [letter] 12  NIKE CORPORATION
02/09/2001Nike hears labor advocates 4  NIKE CORPORATION
04/27/2000Editorial: Something to hide 18  NIKE CORPORATION
04/29/1998Nike factory tour becomes reality 1  NIKE CORPORATION
02/23/2001Students gather, light candles to protest Nike 1  NIKE CORPORATION
01/29/2001Committee looks at Nike's alleged labor violations 1  NIKE CORPORATION
01/23/2001Editorial: Just Do it [In taking a strong stand against unfair. . . 8  NIKE CORPORATION
07/09/1998Columnist understands Nike, Hooker should take notice (letter) 10  NIKE CORPORATION
02/22/2001Roadshow endorses activism--Turning Point activists 3  NIKE CORPORATION
10/16/2001UNC officials to unveil Nike all-sports deal 1  NIKE CORPORATION
04/27/2000Nike corporation withdraws donation 2  NIKE CORPORATION
07/09/2009UNC renews contract with Nike 8  NIKE CORPORATION
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