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11/07/1997Affecting change in world takes pushy, brash attitude (letter) 8  NIKE CONTRACT
09/15/1997Hooker backs $7.1 milion Nike contract 1  NIKE CONTRACT
01/23/1998Columnist incorrect on Nike; it should be held responsible 8  NIKE CONTRACT
11/18/1997Editorial: World travelers 12  NIKE CONTRACT
09/17/1997Editorial: It's the shoes 12  NIKE CONTRACT
11/10/1997Hooker accepts protestors' demands 3  NIKE CONTRACT
10/02/1997Colleges vary in response to Nike 2  NIKE CONTRACT
09/17/1997UNC agreed to 5 more years of Nike's exploitive practices (letter) 12  NIKE CONTRACT
10/31/1997Baddour, Smith to discuss Nike involvement with students 3  NIKE CONTRACT
10/21/1997OP-ED: Be just, for $7.1 million, we'd all probably do it 12  NIKE CONTRACT
10/29/1997Nike's sponsorship of UNC could lead to slew of others (letter) 10  NIKE CONTRACT
11/05/1997Editorial: Quiet riot 10  NIKE CONTRACT
12/05/1997Hooker, Nike campaign talk about University's influence 2  NIKE CONTRACT
10/07/1997Corporations address student protests 3  NIKE CONTRACT
11/14/1997Shoe apparel officials meet with students 3  NIKE CONTRACT
11/12/1997Goal of protest to question implications of Nike contract 12  NIKE CONTRACT
10/07/2010Sneaker secrets: UNC cross country runners customize the insides of their shoes 1  NIKE CONTRACT
07/09/2009UNC renews contract with Nike 8  NIKE CONTRACT