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03/09/2001NCAA seats available next week 1  BASKETBALL, NCAA TOURNAMENT 2001
04/01/1993Tickets to tournament hot commodity at UNC 1  NCAA TOURNAMENT
...Boys to men? Michigan Super Sophs back in... 1  NCAA TOURNAMENT
03/30/1995March Madness is moneymaker for merchants 3  NCAA TOURNAMENT
04/04/1991UNC nets less tourney money, new system 1  NCAA TOURNAMENT
04/12/1993Admissions office busy after NCAA tourney 3  NCAA TOURNAMENT
11/17/2003UNC blasts early-round NCAA foes 10  NCAA TOURNAMENT
05/31/2012Tar Heels start NCAA tournament run at home 1  NCAA TOURNAMENT
06/07/2012The Red Storm bats were too hot for UNC pitchers 1  NCAA TOURNAMENT
03/22/2013Will No. 8 UNC advance? 1  NCAA TOURNAMENT
03/25/2013Kansas City calamity 1  NCAA TOURNAMENT
...Tar Heels tenacious on defense in loss 9  NCAA TOURNAMENT
...UNC escapes upset in first round 9  NCAA TOURNAMENT
03/24/2008UNC slaughters Hogs - into sweet 16 1  NCAA TOURNAMENT
03/31/2008San Antonio bound - UNC will face KU in final four 1  NCAA TOURNAMENT
04/03/2008Experience drives final four squads 1  NCAA TOURNAMENT
04/07/2008End of the road - UNC 66 - Kansas 84 1  NCAA TOURNAMENT
04/04/2008KU posts give Hansbrough tits 1  NCAA TOURNAMENT
04/07/2008Lackluster defense dooms Heels 6  NCAA TOURNAMENT
...Ellington sparks a near comeback 6  NCAA TOURNAMENT
04/11/2008Roy didn't abandon his royalty to Chapel Hill (letter) 8  NCAA TOURNAMENT
03/21/2014The No. 6 seed Tar Heels will face 11th-seeded Providence 1  NCAA TOURNAMENT
03/19/2009Heels set out for return to Final Four 1  NCAA TOURNAMENT
03/20/2009Hansbrough new top ACC scorer 1  NCAA TOURNAMENT
03/23/2009Ty Lawson leads the Tar Heels to Sweet 16 1  NCAA TOURNAMENT
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