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09/24/1991Native Americans combat misperceptions 1  NATIVE AMERICANS
09/09/1991Editorial: Pow-woeing for understanding 8  NATIVE AMERICANS
11/11/1992N.C. Native Americans struggle for recognition 5  NATIVE AMERICANS
09/04/1990Editorial: Good News. . .Native American 6  NATIVE AMERICANS
01/19/1994Native Americans not alone in suffering stereotypes [letter] 10  NATIVE AMERICANS
12/02/1988Criticize UNC 1  NATIVE AMERICANS
11/11/1992Carolina Indian Circle unites studetns, educates. . . 5  NATIVE AMERICANS
12/07/1992Op.ed: U.S., UNC. . .Native-American concerns 9  NATIVE AMERICANS
12/03/1992Editorial: The (Native) American way 10  NATIVE AMERICANS
02/27/1990Acts of racism embarrass (letter) 8  NATIVE AMERICANS
03/07/1989Students request more recruitment 1  NATIVE AMERICANS
11/07/1991Misleading perceptions. . . culture 1  NATIVE AMERICANS
12/05/1989UNC urged to hire Native Americans 1  NATIVE AMERICANS
11/19/1997Native American women voice concerns 5  NATIVE AMERICANS
10/18/1991Democracy's birth came with (letter) 8  NATIVE AMERICANS
09/26/1989Editorial: In search of diversity 10  NATIVE AMERICANS
09/19/1990Native American faculty inadequate 1  NATIVE AMERICANS
11/11/1992UNC's smallest minority faces discrimination. . . 5  NATIVE AMERICANS
10/06/1992Activist to speak on Native-American issues 1  NATIVE AMERICANS
03/01/1993Students seeking Native-American services... 3  NATIVE AMERICANS
09/07/1993Columnist not informed about Native Americans 11  NATIVE AMERICANS
01/15/2004Native symbols to decorate Union 3  NATIVE AMERICANS
03/26/2004Activist talks about Native Americans' strife 6  NATIVE AMERICANS
03/23/2010American Indian groups protest curriculum shift 4  NATIVE AMERICANS
10/06/1963Ed: Who You Callin' Savage, Savage 2  NATIVE AMERICANS
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