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02/08/1974Chemist wants music explained (letter) 6  MUSIC DEPARTMENT
02/06/1974Op.Ed: Music suffering 6  MUSIC DEPARTMENT
10/04/2002Professor a Key Player in Music Department 3  MUSIC DEPARTMENT
01/31/1990Music TAs may lose breaks on tuition 3  MUSIC DEPARTMENT
04/20/1993Department provides beautiful music to UNC (letter) 8  MUSIC DEPARTMENT
02/14/1974Music major criticizes letter (letter) 7  MUSIC DEPARTMENT
10/18/1974More music majors, but no more space 1  MUSIC DEPARTMENT
03/21/1986Auditions in. . .strike sour chord. . . 1  MUSIC DEPARTMENT
01/25/1985Events planned. . .timeless works of Bach 1  MUSIC DEPARTMENT
03/27/1974Music class builds harpsichord 6  MUSIC DEPARTMENT
01/16/1962Fred Is Promoted; Holman Publishes 1  MUSIC DEPARTMENT
10/19/2010Music of their own - Composition courses at UNC intimate and successful 1  MUSIC DEPARTMENT
11/01/2010UNC professor honored for book about country music 3  MUSIC DEPARTMENT
10/29/2010Music lab brings electricity 10  MUSIC DEPARTMENT
11/30/1962Cordon record on WUNC 1  MUSIC DEPARTMENT
12/08/1961Petite Musicales features pianists 1  MUSIC DEPARTMENT
12/09/1962Piano recital slated today 3  MUSIC DEPARTMENT
11/28/2012"Music royalty" to join UNC collection 7  MUSIC DEPARTMENT
02/26/1916Should the University of North Carolina have a music department (letter) 2  MUSIC DEPARTMENT
05/30/1919School of Music and competent instructor is now assured for next year 1  MUSIC DEPARTMENT
08/19/2013Music department to offer fall course on emceeing 3  MUSIC DEPARTMENT
06/23/1942Music Dept. Boasts 8-Year Collection of 2,500 Records 4  MUSIC DEPARTMENT
02/03/2009Grants will fund music research 4  MUSIC DEPARTMENT
11/14/1996Dept. of Music to honor retired professor 3  MUSIC, DEPARTMENT OF
10/30/1996UNC music department produces 1st concert CD 3  MUSIC, DEPARTMENT OF
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