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12/14/1970Grand jury hits University for dance 1  MURDER, UNC
12/05/1959Editor Davis B. Young Is Murdered: Action Started As Part Of Annual Mock Trial 1  MURDER, UNC
12/06/1959Women's Glove Found At Death Scene 1  MURDER, UNC
...Student Council Hands Down Official Reprimands To Pair 2 - 3  MURDER, UNC
12/09/1959Sally Pullen Charged With Editor's 'Murder' 1  MURDER, UNC
12/11/1959Grand Jury Indicts Sally Pullen In 'Murder' Of Editor Davis Young 1  MURDER, UNC
09/19/1968Investigation Yields Lead In Evans Murder Case 1  MURDER, UNC
11/30/20042 found dead at UNC building 1  MURDER, UNC
12/01/2004Murder concluded violent saga 1  MURDER, UNC
09/13/1966Lab Checks Knife In Evans Murder 1  MURDER, UNC
05/17/2012Minton found guilty of 2008 murder 6  MURDER, UNC
01/10/2013Judge reseals Hedgepeth documents 1  MURDER, UNC
01/08/1963Coroner has no comment on autopsy 1  MURDER, UNC
08/18/2008Carson case details trickle in 1  MURDER, UNC
10/28/2008Federal indictment in killing 1  MURDER, UNC
03/17/2014Hedgepeth records to be reviewed 1  MURDER, UNC
03/19/2014Video not requested in murder case 1  MURDER, UNC
03/20/2014Hedgepeth records to stay sealed 1  MURDER, UNC
02/11/20153 people dead in Chapel Hill shooting 1  MURDER, UNC
02/12/2015A triple tragedy 1  MURDER, UNC
02/13/2015'They were loved' 1  MURDER, UNC
02/27/2015For Muslim students in NC, safety concerns heighten 1  MURDER, UNC
03/03/2015Chapel Hill shooter faces death penalty 1  MURDER, UNC