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08/28/2001Officials take action to correct silent bells, incorrect Time 3  MOREHEAD-PATTERSON BELL TOWER, CLOCK
09/27/1941Benton Gets Heavy Workout When He Plays Tower Chimes 4  MOREHEAD-PATTERSON BELL TOWER, CLOCK
06/12/2008Editorial: Bell Tower needs winding 10  MOREHEAD-PATTERSON BELL TOWER, CLOCK
02/27/1998Bell Tower's age blamed for quirks 2  MOREHEAD-PATTERSON BELL TOWER
11/18/1998Bell Tower Climb Sparks Senior Memories 6  MOREHEAD-PATTERSON BELL TOWER
02/17/1982Editorial: For whom the bell tolls 6  MOREHEAD-PATTERSON BELL TOWER
09/24/1980Bell tower still up in clouds 1  MOREHEAD-PATTERSON BELL TOWER
02/25/1983Editorial: Tune the tower 8  MOREHEAD-PATTERSON BELL TOWER
09/30/1981Ring-a-ling: Freshman makes music 1  MOREHEAD-PATTERSON BELL TOWER
09/20/2000For Whom Does Bell Tower Toll? No One at UNC 3  MOREHEAD-PATTERSON BELL TOWER
09/28/1979New bells would take dollar toll 1  MOREHEAD-PATTERSON BELL TOWER
04/10/2002Seniors to celebrate, scale bell tower 2  MOREHEAD-PATTERSON BELL TOWER
08/28/2001Officials take action to correct silent bells, incorrect Time 3  MOREHEAD-PATTERSON BELL TOWER
11/23/1998UNC Student Assaulted at Bell Tower 1  MOREHEAD-PATTERSON BELL TOWER
04/10/2003Tower rings for rape victims 2  MOREHEAD-PATTERSON BELL TOWER
09/09/1999Bell Tower Woes, Silence Chimes, Puzzle Officials 3  MOREHEAD-PATTERSON BELL TOWER
04/14/1999Bell Tower Chimes To Ring True Time 3  MOREHEAD-PATTERSON BELL TOWER
11/23/1998All We Want Is Sleep; Stop Bell Tower Noise (letter) 12  MOREHEAD-PATTERSON BELL TOWER
11/19/1985Tower's tape roll off key 1  MOREHEAD-PATTERSON BELL TOWER
10/02/1985Chimes tradition for UNC 3  MOREHEAD-PATTERSON BELL TOWER
06/25/1998Bell Tower chimes again with computerized bells 3A  MOREHEAD-PATTERSON BELL TOWER
01/13/1995Letter writer should learn to appreciate bell tower chimes [letter] 10  MOREHEAD-PATTERSON BELL TOWER
11/19/1997Officials make plans to repair Bell Tower 3  MOREHEAD-PATTERSON BELL TOWER
10/13/1981Bell Tower order recently set up 3  MOREHEAD-PATTERSON BELL TOWER
10/26/1960'Hark The Sound' Of Victory 1  MOREHEAD-PATTERSON BELL TOWER
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