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10/26/1973Op.Ed: Trustees to blame, not Morehead 6  MOREHEAD FOUNDATION
03/24/1975Morehead Foundation neglects blacks 6  MOREHEAD FOUNDATION
09/22/1978Trustees face suit by rejected nominee 1  MOREHEAD FOUNDATION
11/17/1973Moreheads for women resolution passes 1  MOREHEAD FOUNDATION
...Editorial: Morehead trustees must follow 8  MOREHEAD FOUNDATION
05/30/1985Morehead Chairman Chatham dies 1  MOREHEAD FOUNDATION
11/16/1973Morehead plan vote set 3  MOREHEAD FOUNDATION
01/28/1987Morehead alum donate, professorship 4  MOREHEAD FOUNDATION
03/16/1994Foundation voted to accept women for morehead scholarships in 1974 2  MOREHEAD FOUNDATION
11/02/1971Morehead Foundation changes rules 2  MOREHEAD FOUNDATION
09/06/1972Alumni plan testimonial (Armstrong) 2  MOREHEAD FOUNDATION
08/30/1990Creates merit scholarship 3a  MOREHEAD FOUNDATION
10/03/2003Scholars group crunched by cuts 1  MOREHEAD FOUNDATION
09/25/1959An Editorial 1  MOREHEAD FOUNDATION
...Ex-editor writes 2  MOREHEAD FOUNDATION
...Morehead Foundation 1  MOREHEAD FOUNDATION
...Ex-Editor Writes 2  MOREHEAD FOUNDATION
04/06/2004$100K gift boosts Morehead funds 3  MOREHEAD FOUNDATION
04/08/2004Editorial: Timely donation 12  MOREHEAD FOUNDATION
03/07/1962Morehead Foundation Gives 47 Scholarships: $1.7 Million Has Gone For Grants Here 1  MOREHEAD FOUNDATION
03/01/1963Morehead here Saturday 1  MOREHEAD FOUNDATION
03/07/196370 Years After Graduating, Morehead Still Loves UNC 4  MOREHEAD FOUNDATION
09/28/1962$1-2 Million Left To UNC 1  MOREHEAD FOUNDATION
10/03/2003Scholars group crunched by cuts 1  MOREHEAD FOUNDATION, BUDGET CUTS