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02/27/1992Disagreement between Moore, Young GOP could divide 1  MOORE, TIM
01/14/1992Heyd vs Moore: Is a conflict damaging SG? 1  MOORE, TIM
02/13/1992Student activists protest Moore's re-election 1  MOORE, TIM
04/21/1992Budget bill was speaker Moore's responsibility (letter) 8  MOORE, TIM
04/11/1991SG Speaker Moore turns down $1200 1  MOORE, TIM
10/02/1991Questions delay breakup of Media Board 1  MOORE, TIM
10/15/1991Editorial: Get the facts straight 8  MOORE, TIM
08/19/1991Editorial: Moore than bargained 12a  MOORE, TIM
06/06/1991Editorial unfair, DTH should beware (letter) 10  MOORE, TIM
05/30/1991Editorial: Moore than bargained for 10  MOORE, TIM
09/05/1991Suit agains Moore to be heard today 3  MOORE, TIM
09/06/1991Court faults code in suit against Moore 1  MOORE, TIM
08/23/1991Editorial: Petty threat won't stop presses 8  MOORE, TIM
11/19/1991Committee to weigh groups' funding 1  MOORE, TIM
11/20/1991Committee to weigh groups' funding 1  MOORE, TIM
02/20/1992Supreme Court never received charges. . .Moore 1  MOORE, TIM
04/20/1992Former Speaker Tim Moore's behavior juvenile (letter) 9  MOORE, TIM
08/22/1991Op.Ed: Speaker seeks end of frivolous, fees 14a  MOORE, TIM
06/13/1991Moore attempt to defund CGLA correct (letter) 10  MOORE, TIM
08/22/1991Case against speaker still tied up in court 3a  MOORE, TIM
12/05/1991Moore, Meting violated government code 1  MOORE, TIM
06/06/1991Editorial: Fair & speedy trial imperative 10  MOORE, TIM
...Court case could be conflict of interest 1  MOORE, TIM
01/13/2015House speaker to-be has contentious past 1  MOORE, TIM