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03/24/1997Congress votes to fund minority recruitment 3  MINORITY RECRUITMENT
09/02/1977Board to review minority recruitment 1  MINORITY RECRUITMENT
03/03/1997Editorial: [Re-fund recruitment] 14  MINORITY RECRUITMENT
10/13/1992UNC requests aid in minority search 3  MINORITY RECRUITMENT
02/28/1990Editorial:Best. . .intensions (BRJ 71-135) 10  MINORITY RECRUITMENT
02/27/1990Recruitment bill deserves note (letter) 8  MINORITY RECRUITMENT
10/09/1995Congress to consider minority recruitment 3  MINORITY RECRUITMENT
03/31/1989UNC system increases. . . 1  MINORITY RECRUITMENT
09/22/1994University should continue to actively recruit minorities 8  MINORITY RECRUITMENT
02/28/1994Executive branch loses funding for minority outreach program 1  MINORITY RECRUITMENT
01/19/1994Admissions report calls for stronger minority recruitment 3  MINORITY RECRUITMENT
10/12/1995Minority Recruitment Bill passes after long debate 1  MINORITY RECRUITMENT
02/28/1990Bill requires minority recruitment 1  MINORITY RECRUITMENT
10/10/1995Ed: A vote for the student body 10  MINORITY RECRUITMENT
10/25/1988BSM proposes minority scholarship 4  MINORITY RECRUITMENT
10/13/1995Speaker withdraws request for stipend 1  MINORITY RECRUITMENT
11/18/2004Campus tries to attract diversity 2  MINORITY RECRUITMENT
02/17/2010Feds give incentives for recruiting Latinos 9  MINORITY RECRUITMENT
04/12/2012Houston out as diversity leader 1  MINORITY RECRUITMENT
09/23/1994Congress hurtles toward yet another embarrassing year [letter] 8  MINORITY RECRUITMENT BILL
09/19/1994Minority recruitment recall debated 1  MINORITY RECRUITMENT BILL
09/20/1994Recruitment bill legal, conner says 1  MINORITY RECRUITMENT BILL
11/09/1994Finance committee continues investigation 1  MINORITY RECRUITMENT BILL
09/26/1994Motion to reconsider was not intended to derail bill 11  MINORITY RECRUITMENT BILL
...Rhetoric clouds real reasons for minority recruitment bill 11  MINORITY RECRUITMENT BILL
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