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08/27/1979Report fails to answer questions 2E  MINORITY ENROLLMENT
...Black enrollment increases by 123 5A  MINORITY ENROLLMENT
10/28/1977UNC outlines methods to increase. . . 1  MINORITY ENROLLMENT
04/16/1987Black student, tensions/enrollment 1  MINORITY ENROLLMENT
10/06/1978Renwick: UNC given figures before. . . 1  MINORITY ENROLLMENT
12/07/1978Black applicants to med school, plateau 1  MINORITY ENROLLMENT
11/20/1989Editorial: Drop-out dilemma 8  MINORITY ENROLLMENT
04/11/1980Editorial: A tangible commitment 6  MINORITY ENROLLMENT
09/14/1979More minorities expected to graduate 1  MINORITY ENROLLMENT
01/18/1989Black male enrollment down nationally 1  MINORITY ENROLLMENT
08/28/1989Applications for fall at all-time high 1  MINORITY ENROLLMENT
11/13/1989BOG releases figures black enrollment 1  MINORITY ENROLLMENT
08/30/1979Black enrollment 1  MINORITY ENROLLMENT
02/12/1998UNC's Black Enrollment Competitive Nationwide 4  MINORITY ENROLLMENT
12/04/1996UNC's black student graduation rate 3rd in public university 1  MINORITY ENROLLMENT
11/15/1993UNC's minority enrollment decreases slightly 1  MINORITY ENROLLMENT
10/19/1977Pro-Bakke ruling would have huge impact 1  MINORITY ENROLLMENT
03/22/1974Editorial: Council should approve report 6  MINORITY ENROLLMENT
10/14/1977Horton: UNC should be 20 to 25% black 3  MINORITY ENROLLMENT
02/11/1988Addressing minority enrollment 1  MINORITY ENROLLMENT
09/21/1979Editorial: The challenges ahead 10  MINORITY ENROLLMENT
02/15/1979Admissions, progress meager (letter) 6  MINORITY ENROLLMENT
06/14/1979Faculty committee issues report 1  MINORITY ENROLLMENT
09/23/1982Editorial: It's working 8  MINORITY ENROLLMENT
01/11/1978UNC to try to enroll more blacks 1  MINORITY ENROLLMENT
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