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01/10/2003Proposed bill would restore draft 1  MILITARY DRAFT
...Editorial: Not your father's draft 10  MILITARY DRAFT
02/07/1973Draft classification still a reality 1  MILITARY DRAFT
12/02/1969Draft Fates Now Hinge On Lottery 6  MILITARY DRAFT
12/05/1969Lottery Draft System: A Step But A Grossly Inadequate One 2  MILITARY DRAFT
02/15/1970End Deferments Now - For All 2  MILITARY DRAFT
05/13/1970UNDO Organized To Aid Students In Draft Problems 1  MILITARY DRAFT
09/17/1968Grad School Draft Fears Reduced B4  MILITARY DRAFT
11/08/1968Draft Seminar Scheduled 1  MILITARY DRAFT
09/17/1967Draft Deferment Requests Must Be Filed October 1 1  MILITARY DRAFT
11/10/1967Gen. Hershey's Edict Violates Due Process 2  MILITARY DRAFT
02/17/1968Selective Service Drops Deferments for Most Grads 1  MILITARY DRAFT
09/25/1962Editorial: Military Draft 2  MILITARY DRAFT
09/30/1962Di-Phi To Debate Ban Of The Draft 1  MILITARY DRAFT
09/17/1966Cut-Off Grades In Draft Given 1  MILITARY DRAFT
09/18/1966Statistics Offer Indication Of Whom Draft Will Call 4  MILITARY DRAFT
09/20/1966Want To Be Sure To Avoid The Draft? Enlist 3  MILITARY DRAFT
01/15/1963End the draft in 1963? ,em say 'No;' Coeds, 'Yes' 3  MILITARY DRAFT
03/06/1963Draft extension gains support of commmittee 1  MILITARY DRAFT
04/19/1964Will Draft End In 1974? LBJ Wants It Considered 1  MILITARY DRAFT
10/03/1941Congress May Alter Draft Act 1  MILITARY DRAFT
10/25/1941Draftees to Pack Campus For Week-End Festivities 1  MILITARY DRAFT
12/10/1941Service Age Extension May Affect UNC Students 1  MILITARY DRAFT
02/14/1942UNC Selective Service Registration To Enroll 450 Men in Memorial Hall 1  MILITARY DRAFT
02/15/1942Monday's Draftees To Wait for Call 1  MILITARY DRAFT
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