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01/13/1917A standard course in military training ... may be introduced to curriculum 1  MILITARY @ UNC, HISTORY
02/24/1917Op.Ed: Military training up to us 2  MILITARY @ UNC, HISTORY
...Op. Ed: Compulsory military training 2  MILITARY @ UNC, HISTORY
03/03/1917Plattsburg Camps [army training camps] now free 1  MILITARY @ UNC, HISTORY
03/10/1917Editorial: to drill or not to drill 2  MILITARY @ UNC, HISTORY
03/24/1917Over Four Hundred Carolina Men report for military training 1  MILITARY @ UNC, HISTORY
03/31/1917Military Training claims over 500 men 1  MILITARY @ UNC, HISTORY
..."Going to Plattsburgh" heard on every corner! 1  MILITARY @ UNC, HISTORY
04/06/1917Volunteer company to answer first call 1  MILITARY @ UNC, HISTORY
...Companies show marked improvement in drilling 1  MILITARY @ UNC, HISTORY
04/21/1917Military companies give first exhibition drill 1  MILITARY @ UNC, HISTORY
...Over 1000 hear Dr. E. K. Graham speak - Students urged to stay at college and train 1  MILITARY @ UNC, HISTORY
...Editorial: Active Waiting - address by Graham to students training for WWI 2  MILITARY @ UNC, HISTORY
05/05/191792 pass examination to officers reserve corp 1  MILITARY @ UNC, HISTORY
09/15/1917The University formally introduces new military training 1  MILITARY @ UNC, HISTORY
09/28/1917Editorial: Military training - a new phase 2  MILITARY @ UNC, HISTORY
10/06/1917"On to Raleigh" is the campus slogan 1  MILITARY @ UNC, HISTORY
10/13/1917Military exercises mark 124th celebration of University Day -- Expeditionary Forces not to go to Raleigh -- Trenches to be dug Monday 1  MILITARY @ UNC, HISTORY
10/27/1917Trenches beginning to look quite war like 3  MILITARY @ UNC, HISTORY
11/03/1917Each company is sure of winning flag honor -- Have plans for two dugouts 1  MILITARY @ UNC, HISTORY
11/17/1917Battalion Smoker to be held November 24 1  MILITARY @ UNC, HISTORY
11/24/1917Battalion to be in smoke of gastronomic battle 1  MILITARY @ UNC, HISTORY
12/22/1917UNC Battalion, Instructors et al [photograph] 1  MILITARY @ UNC, HISTORY
01/13/1917Student military life again livens up the Hill 3  MILITARY @ UNC, HISTORY
02/02/1918Battalion starts big spring term offensive 1  MILITARY @ UNC, HISTORY
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