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04/01/2003UM case set to go before top court 1  MICHIGAN, UNIVERSITY OF
04/08/2003UM supporters: diversity enhances college experience 1  MICHIGAN, UNIVERSITY OF
05/01/2000Nike fails to renew UM deal 1  MICHIGAN, UNIVERSITY OF
01/21/2003UNC Law School to side with UM 1  MICHIGAN, UNIVERSITY OF
04/02/2003UM admissions on trial 1  MICHIGAN, UNIVERSITY OF
11/10/1997Trip to focus on town-gown relationships 1  MICHIGAN, UNIVERSITY OF
02/11/2003BOG might take stand in UM case 1  MICHIGAN, UNIVERSITY OF
02/13/2003Dozens file Amicus briefs in UM case 3  MICHIGAN, UNIVERSITY OF
04/03/2003Experts say UM policy favored 1  MICHIGAN, UNIVERSITY OF
01/21/2003Editorial: Answering need, not ideology -- Bush and Univeristy Michigan case 12  MICHIGAN, UNIVERSITY OF
01/22/2003UNC System won't file brief on UM case 1  MICHIGAN, UNIVERSITY OF
04/04/2003OpEd: Court likely to uphold UM policy 3  MICHIGAN, UNIVERSITY OF
02/13/2003Editorial: Sticking together -- UNC board 14  MICHIGAN, UNIVERSITY OF
10/15/1997Lawsuit clams affirmative action unfair to whites 7  MICHIGAN, UNIVERSITY OF
01/23/2003Michigan suit could affect minority scholarships 3  MICHIGAN, UNIVERSITY OF
01/16/2003Bush opposes UM affirmative action policy 1  MICHIGAN, UNIVERSITY OF
07/10/2003Letter: Supreme Court misused position by deciding UM diversity case 8  MICHIGAN, UNIVERSITY OF
01/15/2004Petition follows admissions suit 3  MICHIGAN, UNIVERSITY OF