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05/30/1991Hippocratic Oath amended by med school grads 3  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
12/08/1993Surgery Department head wins national safety prize 3  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
05/19/1994University Gets New Medical Dean, Projects 3  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
01/16/1998Medical school to use new grant to research alcoholism's effects 3  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
04/02/2001Graduate schools keep high marks 1  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
11/17/1977Report states Swing Bldg. not UNC-owned 4  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
01/19/1978More med students required 1  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
11/26/1984Med school shares with 3rd world 1  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
06/05/1997UNC School of Medicine student wins fellowships 3  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
09/01/1998Legislature Re-examines Future of UNC Hospitals 1  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
08/25/1994UNC physicians finish year with smaller shortfall than anticipated 1  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
04/14/1997Medical school gets new dean 1  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
01/30/1995UNC program offers students chance to be doogie howsers 3  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
12/07/1978Black applicants to med school, plateau 1  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
03/06/2003Study: Aspirin could reduce colon cancer 2  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
03/31/2000Schools slip in yearly ranking 1  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
09/27/1977Med school may not lose federal money 1  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
08/25/1995Medical School advice changes with the times [letter] 14  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
04/07/2003UNC victim of embezzlement 2  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
08/24/2001Lewd act could cast employee 1  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
04/08/2002UNC schools rise, drop in U.S. rankings 1  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
10/01/1992School of Medicine wins grant 1  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
10/20/1970Taylor Resigns Med Post 1  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
10/13/1982Time problem for med, dental students 1  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
04/23/1979New deans appointed to 4 UNC schools 6  MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF
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