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03/19/1991Meal plan. . .reinstated for new RAs 1  MEAL PLANS, UNC
09/09/1994Indentured mela plan 8  MEAL PLANS, UNC
10/31/1989Editorial: Another credit card? 8  MEAL PLANS, UNC
03/19/1991Efforts of RAs wasted (letter) 8  MEAL PLANS, UNC
03/19/1992RAs not consulted about new meal plan 1  MEAL PLANS, UNC
01/31/1992Same 3 pizza vendors picked for meal card 3  MEAL PLANS, UNC
09/19/1990Editorial: Flexless flex plan/Meal plan 8  MEAL PLANS, UNC
03/08/1991Housing officials, RAs discuss meal 1  MEAL PLANS, UNC
09/12/1990Flex plan leaves students for other 1  MEAL PLANS, UNC
10/09/1991Seconds, Please! a success among students 3  MEAL PLANS, UNC
10/20/1989Marriott to accept pizza bids 1  MEAL PLANS, UNC
03/06/1991Housing open to forum to cut RA plan 1  MEAL PLANS, UNC
10/02/1979Editorial: Quality service 6  MEAL PLANS, UNC
09/27/1993Students work to cut required meal purchases 1  MEAL PLANS, UNC
03/05/1991RAs flier challenges meal plan decision 1  MEAL PLANS, UNC
02/25/1991R.A.s cheated by $400 (letter) 10  MEAL PLANS, UNC
10/11/1994Meal plan payment policy punishes dependents [letter] 8  MEAL PLANS, UNC
03/27/1995$100 meal plan requirement axed 1  MEAL PLANS, UNC
02/12/1998Editorial: Get What You Pay For 12  MEAL PLANS, UNC
01/16/1990Decisions, 3 chosen, Checker's closes 1  MEAL PLANS, UNC
02/21/1991$400 meal plan credit rescinded. . .RAs 1  MEAL PLANS, UNC
04/22/1997Editorial: [Real steal] 14  MEAL PLANS, UNC
12/05/1989Pizza companies bid for meal card 1  MEAL PLANS, UNC
09/23/1970635 Get Cafeteria Meal Plans 1  MEAL PLANS, UNC
09/07/1994SBP: $100 meal plan not fair 3  MEAL PLANS, UNC
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