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07/15/1999Editorial:'Thou Shalt' Stay Out of Schools 8  MCCOY, WILLIAM
09/22/1999McCoy Stresses Permanent Mind-Set 2  MCCOY, WILLIAM
04/19/1999Students Stroll Through Meeting in Protest 3  MCCOY, WILLIAM
04/26/1999University Backs Demands to Fight For Labor Rights 1  MCCOY, WILLIAM
04/19/1999McCoy: "Openess' Marks Approach' 3  MCCOY, WILLIAM
03/28/2000Lawmakers' system tour included both [letter] 10  MCCOY, WILLIAM
04/20/1999Editorial: Hatfield-esque Protest 10  MCCOY, WILLIAM
08/19/1999Students Raise Issues to McCoy 5  MCCOY, WILLIAM
09/09/1999Chancelllor Replies To Group's Demand 1  MCCOY, WILLIAM
02/24/2000Chancellor encourages. . . Bust a leg [letter] 16  MCCOY, WILLIAM
07/15/1999McCoy Called 'Natural' Choice 1  MCCOY, WILLIAM
09/30/1999McCoy Sets Disclosure Deadline 1  MCCOY, WILLIAM
07/15/1999McCoy Tapped to Take UNC Helm 1  MCCOY, WILLIAM
04/26/1999Editorial: A Solid Start 12  MCCOY, WILLIAM
04/13/1999Chancellor Takes Leave 1  MCCOY, WILLIAM
04/23/1999McCoy to Answer Protesters 1  MCCOY, WILLIAM
04/28/1999The 'Real' McCoy 1  MCCOY, WILLIAM
08/18/1999Changes Shake UNC Foundation 1  MCCOY, WILLIAM
01/17/1995UNC system names new interim V.P. for finance 3  MCCOY, WILLIAM
04/12/2000Eye of the storm [acting Chancellor McCoy] 1  MCCOY, WILLIAM
02/29/2008Former Chancellor and wife give 1.1 million to fund UNC arts 3  MCCOY, WILLIAM
03/04/2008Gift honoring Moeser will fund visiting artists 3  MCCOY, WILLIAM
MCCOY, William and Sara