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05/20/1999Master Plan Construction Still in Early Stages 2  MASTER PLAN
03/28/2002Design phase of master plan officially ends 3  MASTER PLAN
04/24/2001UNC, town lay plans for Williams Tract 1  MASTER PLAN
...Master plan negotiations have been responsive [letter] 14  MASTER PLAN
09/28/2000Editorial: Give and Take 14  MASTER PLAN
09/27/2000Town Leaders, Residents To Probe Master Plan 1  MASTER PLAN
09/29/2000Residents Vow to Keep Eyes on Plan 1  MASTER PLAN
04/27/2001Residents vocalize fears about Master Plan 3  MASTER PLAN
04/25/2001Council approves timeline to draft UNC zoning plan 3  MASTER PLAN
11/22/2002Master Plan Construction Harms Treasured Icons Around Campus 8  MASTER PLAN
04/24/2001UNC's Master Plan 'well thought out. . ." [letter] 14  MASTER PLAN
09/28/2000University Officials, Residents Spar Over Master Plan 1  MASTER PLAN
04/02/2004Development plan gets more scrutiny 1  MASTER PLAN
09/28/2004Town to increase say in gown's affairs 1  MASTER PLAN
10/06/2004Editorial: Keeping a tight lip 8  MASTER PLAN
11/04/2004Officials tweak campus Master Plan 3  MASTER PLAN
09/23/1999Editorial: Tear 'Em Down 16  MASTER PLAN FOR HOUSING
09/13/1999High Rises to Remain in Place 3  MASTER PLAN FOR HOUSING
03/31/1999Transit Future Could Feature Rail System 5  MASTER PLAN, CONSTRUCTION
...FOCUS: Masterminding the Campus of the Future 5  MASTER PLAN, CONSTRUCTION
...FOCUS: Rising Student Enrollment Fuels Need For Master Plan 5  MASTER PLAN, CONSTRUCTION
...FOCUS: Plan Serves As Blueprint For Future 5  MASTER PLAN, CONSTRUCTION
...Plan Says High-Rises Must Go 1  MASTER PLAN, CONSTRUCTION
02/04/2008Editorial: First thing's first - capital projects 9  MASTER PLAN, CONSTRUCTION
09/19/2002Deconstructing Campus Ties 12  MASTER PLAN, PHASE II
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