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12/06/1997Marijuana-smoking students potentially harm selves, UNC (letter) 14  MARIJUANA USE
10/23/2007Strong and Barbour suspended from team 11  MARIJUANA USE
11/11/2014Three election wins for legal marijuana 1  MARIJUANA USE
04/20/2015Ed: High time for change 5  MARIJUANA USE
01/15/1974'Undue attention' cited in objection 1  MARIJUANA USE, UNC
01/17/1975Noon photos may be useless 1  MARIJUANA USE, UNC
01/13/1975High Noon gathers despite warnings 1  MARIJUANA USE, UNC
02/07/1978Lax local enforcement lets tokers. . . 1  MARIJUANA USE, UNC
10/26/1977Op.Ed: Sage of the Noonies. . . 6  MARIJUANA USE, UNC
11/16/1971Op.Ed: Effect of marijuana prohibition 6  MARIJUANA USE, UNC
09/12/1977Pot smokers gather at Bell Tower 1  MARIJUANA USE, UNC
11/22/1974Editorial: Media coverage unfair to 1  MARIJUANA USE, UNC
09/20/1977Nooners elude fuzz, catch buzz 3  MARIJUANA USE, UNC
01/10/1975Officials to stop Nooners 1  MARIJUANA USE, UNC
02/06/1978High noon fumes make time fly? 6  MARIJUANA USE, UNC
11/26/1974UNC officials get flak over High Noon 1  MARIJUANA USE, UNC
09/16/1969'Just Want To Stop Suppliers' Say Local Police 3 - 3  MARIJUANA USE, UNC
09/30/1969Mariuana Relates To Individual's Mind 2  MARIJUANA USE, UNC
11/19/1969The Dean's Moral Obligations 2  MARIJUANA USE, UNC
02/24/2010Students praise, lawmakers question imitation marijuana 1  MARIJUANA USE, UNC
02/05/2013Supporters say it's high time to pass the bill 1  MARIJUANA USE, UNC
10/23/2007Strong and Barbour suspended from team 11  MARIJUANA USE, UNC