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09/30/1988Band awaits new uniforms 4  MARCHING TAR HEELS
03/31/1989'Father figure' leaving UNC bands 6  MARCHING TAR HEELS
10/25/1979Band harassed at State 1  MARCHING TAR HEELS
09/15/1978Band steps it up for halftime show 1  MARCHING TAR HEELS
10/09/1990Article on band lacked research (letter) 8  MARCHING TAR HEELS
03/18/1986Affiliation pending (change, Music Dept) 2  MARCHING TAR HEELS
09/22/1970Band Plans Fall Shows 1  MARCHING TAR HEELS
10/08/1997Band members march to their own beat 1  MARCHING TAR HEELS
10/26/1973UNC band highlights season (letter) 6  MARCHING TAR HEELS
09/20/1993Band to march in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2  MARCHING TAR HEELS
09/27/1985No lines, no march 1  MARCHING TAR HEELS
09/17/1983Major Y's background varied 5  MARCHING TAR HEELS
09/21/1983Editorial: Band on the run 6  MARCHING TAR HEELS
11/05/1971Alumnus lauds Tar Heel band (letter) 8  MARCHING TAR HEELS
09/19/1990Reep's dismissal strikes sour note 3  MARCHING TAR HEELS
11/15/1985Band department shift discussed 1  MARCHING TAR HEELS
08/22/1984Band begins 81st year 2b  MARCHING TAR HEELS
02/08/1971Band members hit criticism (letter) 6  MARCHING TAR HEELS
10/02/1986Marching band committee tries to drum 1  MARCHING TAR HEELS
07/18/1985To be a Marching Tar Heel 34  MARCHING TAR HEELS
10/15/1971Marching band needs support (letter) 8  MARCHING TAR HEELS
09/08/1971Band receives little support (letter) 8  MARCHING TAR HEELS
09/30/1985Stand still; music, but not to. . . 1  MARCHING TAR HEELS
09/25/1989Add cartoon to halftime show 3  MARCHING TAR HEELS
10/09/1997UNC Marching Tar Heels to perform 'Toon Show' 3  MARCHING TAR HEELS
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