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08/30/1976New major offered 1  ACADEMIC MAJORS
02/08/1978Double majors abound; students seek... 1  ACADEMIC MAJORS
04/03/1991Many students base selection on major 3  ACADEMIC MAJORS
02/14/1978Friday last day to declare major 1  ACADEMIC MAJORS
02/08/1978UNC students discuss double majoring 4  ACADEMIC MAJORS
02/01/1978Majors mart turnout small 1  ACADEMIC MAJORS
09/03/1991Minorities shying away from liberal arts . . . 1  ACADEMIC MAJORS
01/31/1978Major Possibilities Mart in Great Hall 1  ACADEMIC MAJORS
...Editorial: Sane way to choose major 6  ACADEMIC MAJORS
02/09/1978Undecided about selecting a major 1  ACADEMIC MAJORS
02/10/1978Double majors deserve credit (letter) 4  ACADEMIC MAJORS
01/31/1990Focus: Making major decisions..(graphs) 5  ACADEMIC MAJORS
09/20/2010Customized majors are difficult to create 5  ACADEMIC MAJORS
11/08/2010Does your major matter? 1  ACADEMIC MAJORS
06/14/2012AFAM majors see progress 1  ACADEMIC MAJORS
11/29/2012Letter: Choose a major based on personal interests 12  ACADEMIC MAJORS
02/26/2013UNC to roll out Central European studies in fall 5  ACADEMIC MAJORS
09/20/2013Job options draw students to geology 3  ACADEMIC MAJORS
02/04/2015New majors open to students 1  ACADEMIC MAJORS
01/23/1987Students seek BA degrees (charts) 4  BUSINESS MAJORS
09/03/2004Business school seeks to sate student demand 1  BUSINESS MAJORS
01/17/2013Kenan-Flagler acceptances stay steady 8  BUSINESS MAJORS
04/22/1977New course requirement causes dispute 1  EDUCATION MAJORS
11/14/1990Ally to better teachers's roles 3  EDUCATION MAJORS
04/21/1999Teachers of Tomorrow 3  EDUCATION MAJORS
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