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04/30/2001New magazines hit ground with a Bounce 3  MAGAZINES, UNC
02/24/1895The University Magazine 1  MAGAZINES, UNC
05/12/1897Editorial: A Lasting Disgrace - no University magazine 2  MAGAZINES, UNC
10/01/1897The University Magazine - a renewed effort for the revival 1  MAGAZINES, UNC
10/22/1897The University Magazine - An appeal to its Friends 1  MAGAZINES, UNC
11/04/1962DTH mag issued tomorrow; Mike Robinson is editor 1  MAGAZINES, UNC
10/30/1929Next Buccaneer will be better says Cy Edson 1  MAGAZINES, UNC
11/27/1962Ed: Students Support NC Magazine 2  MAGAZINES, UNC
11/28/1962Reflections Goes On Sale 1  MAGAZINES, UNC
04/29/1942Legislature Attacks Mag Question Tomorrow 1  MAGAZINES, UNC
...Ed: New Mag Would Have More Cartoons, Photos, Eight Less Pages Than Separate Publications 2  MAGAZINES, UNC
04/30/1942Truman Promises Facts Tonight On Production Legislators Wrestle With Combination Mag Issue Tonight 1  MAGAZINES, UNC
...Main Issue Is Economy Question 1  MAGAZINES, UNC
05/02/1942Ed: The New Magazine... 2  MAGAZINES, UNC
05/03/1942Required Ten Per Cent Signs Petition for Mag Referendum 1  MAGAZINES, UNC
...Ed: Referendum... 2  MAGAZINES, UNC
05/05/1942Hobbs Gets Referendum Petition Today 1  MAGAZINES, UNC
05/08/1942Referendum Fails! Combination Insured 1  MAGAZINES, UNC
05/09/1942Ed: Obituary... 2  MAGAZINES, UNC
05/19/1942Meyer Appointed Editor Of New Combination Mag 1  MAGAZINES, UNC
05/23/1942Ed: Name For Combination 2  MAGAZINES, UNC
09/11/2008Ed: Look who's talking 12  MAGAZINES, UNC