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02/20/1981Many relieved, some in tears 1  HOUSING, LOTTERY
02/25/1976Condie announces lottery 1  HOUSING, LOTTERY
04/16/1981Lottery system here to stay 1  HOUSING, LOTTERY
03/01/1988Housing lottery article 1  HOUSING, LOTTERY
10/27/1975RHA proposes alternative to lottery 1  HOUSING, LOTTERY
03/03/1976Candidates, Bates meet on lottery 1  HOUSING, LOTTERY
03/31/1977Room lottery closes out 340 1  HOUSING, LOTTERY
03/30/1977Dormitory drawings evoke fear 1  HOUSING, LOTTERY
10/09/1986Lottery may spare sophomores 1  HOUSING, LOTTERY
03/28/197719 dorms to participate in random... 1  HOUSING, LOTTERY
03/01/1983The thrill of victory. . .agony of.. 1  HOUSING, LOTTERY
12/07/1988RHA counters with lottery proposal 1  HOUSING, LOTTERY
04/30/1981Dorm lotteries, part of trouble 13  HOUSING, LOTTERY
03/30/1976Op.Ed: Random selection progress? 4  HOUSING, LOTTERY
02/23/1981Connor lottery draws dispute 1  HOUSING, LOTTERY
02/26/1976Bates circulates housing petition 1  HOUSING, LOTTERY
02/24/1981Dorm lottery, waiting list settled 1  HOUSING, LOTTERY
03/12/1980Editorial: No simple solutions 6  HOUSING, LOTTERY
04/11/1994Demand for UNC housing made lottery necessary 2  HOUSING, LOTTERY
10/27/1975Persistence and the lottery 6  HOUSING, LOTTERY
02/25/1986Lottery night: Lady luck. . . 1  HOUSING, LOTTERY
11/20/1987Students present opinions on lottery 1  HOUSING, LOTTERY
10/14/1986RHA. . .await proposal (Soph. lottery) 1  HOUSING, LOTTERY
01/25/1980Room to live? Lottery strikes fear 1  HOUSING, LOTTERY
03/01/1979Few alternative suggestions for losers 11  HOUSING, LOTTERY
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