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09/05/1978Mixed-drink guidelines sent to Hunt 3  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
10/10/1978County may get licenses by Thanksgiving 1  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
11/27/1978Editorial: Added bounty 6  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
09/07/1978Vickery says sales good for development 1  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
08/24/1978Mixed-drink friends, foes. . .showdown 1a  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
09/15/1978Sales possible by mid-December 1  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
10/01/1976While dollars fly: State stays dry 3  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
09/12/1978Entrepreneur sets up school before vote 3  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
08/24/1978Liquor option raises opinions 1e  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
08/31/1978Voters attracted by liquor issue 1  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
01/22/1979Counties set up for mixed drinks 3  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
09/13/1978Wets celebrate; drys not surprised 1  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
...Mixed drinks pass by landslide 1  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
...Vote splits in other locales 1  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
11/02/1973Liquor meets stiff opposition 1  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
11/14/1978Will mixed drinks push alcoholism 1  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
09/08/1978Voters to face residency check 3  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
08/26/1974No liquor bars here 9a  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
11/28/1978Mixed drinks flowing smoothly. . . 1  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
09/11/1978Mecklenburg "yes" downplayed 1  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
08/24/1978Factions clash as referendums approach 9a  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
08/28/1978Liquor friends recruit students 1  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
06/04/1992Liquor laws force changes in downton Chapel Hill 2  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
09/06/1978Drys set for final campaign effort 1  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
09/12/1978Editorial: Spirit for spirits 6  LIQUOR-BY-THE-DRINK
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