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08/28/1975Wilson Library getting more stacks 4  LIBRARIES, UNC
05/24/1979Union parking lot site of new library 7  LIBRARIES, UNC
10/26/1979Library construction. . .'Domain of dirt' 10  LIBRARIES, UNC
04/01/1993Senior class to present $300,000 gift... 3  LIBRARIES, UNC
03/28/1986UNC awaits engineers word on. . .base 1  LIBRARIES, UNC
12/02/1976Collection acquires papers. . .former Sen. 2  LIBRARIES, UNC
02/12/1998Rare Book Collection Donated to University 3  LIBRARIES, UNC
04/26/1977Undergrad library to increase hours 1  LIBRARIES, UNC
11/16/1990Senior class gift to help UNC libraries 1  LIBRARIES, UNC
01/12/1976Bates recommends South Campus field 2  LIBRARIES, UNC
01/26/1995Don't trust Davis circulation 12  LIBRARIES, UNC
12/01/1989Libraries to receive free phones 3  LIBRARIES, UNC
03/04/1991Libraries receives $117,000 in pledges 3  LIBRARIES, UNC
10/22/1990Donations serves as one means (letter) 13  LIBRARIES, UNC
02/18/1992Library fund cuts causing irreparable harm 1  LIBRARIES, UNC
08/24/1981New library to be named for BOG member 1a  LIBRARIES, UNC
09/10/1990Library workers rescue irreplaceable 5  LIBRARIES, UNC
02/04/1991Task force examines libraries' budgets 3  LIBRARIES, UNC
12/07/1990UNC's library collection among finest 3  LIBRARIES, UNC
02/25/1991Faculty chairman: Sliding library rank 3  LIBRARIES, UNC
10/09/1978Undergrad celebrates 10th anniversary 3  LIBRARIES, UNC
12/10/1992LIbrary gets largest gift every at ceremony 1  LIBRARIES, UNC
10/15/1976New library to aid handicapped 3  LIBRARIES, UNC
10/28/1991Former UNC provost (Morrow) honored in Davis 2  LIBRARIES, UNC
04/14/1976Article theft expensive problem 1  LIBRARIES, UNC
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