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01/06/1997Editorial: ['B' truthful ] 12  LENOIR HALL
06/04/1998Extra work might delay hall opening 1  LENOIR HALL
10/15/2002Water Line Leaks Close Lenoir Temporarily 1  LENOIR HALL
06/25/1992Editorial: Dinner and cocktails at Lenoir 10a  LENOIR HALL
10/05/2001Police invesitgating Lenoir register thefts 2  LENOIR HALL
02/22/1995Lenoir's tribute to black history way off target 8  LENOIR HALL
04/17/2003Sushi bar planned for Lenoir 2  LENOIR HALL
03/27/1992Lenoir not committed to serving UNC (letter) 8  LENOIR HALL
01/09/1998Workers making progress on Lenoir construction 3  LENOIR HALL
06/23/1994Renovated Lenoir to Feature Food Court, Full Cafeteria 1A  LENOIR HALL
03/20/1998New Lenoir Day promises taste of dining hall's food 5  LENOIR HALL
04/13/1989Lenoir specialty shops reduce hours 7  LENOIR HALL
08/25/1998Lenoir Opening Forces Vendors To Exit Campus 1  LENOIR HALL
03/05/2001CDS Management needs to recognize Black history . . . [letter] 12  LENOIR HALL
07/19/1984Dining to be delicious 4a  LENOIR HALL
10/02/1990Domino's wins a pizza the action 3  LENOIR HALL
08/26/1996Dining services offers more varied selection 3  LENOIR HALL
08/19/1998Lenoir Tackles Munch Crunch 1  LENOIR HALL
02/04/1992Lenoir faces capacity lunch crowds. . . 3  LENOIR HALL
01/18/1984One injured in fall during renovations 1  LENOIR HALL
09/18/1998Construction Projects Delay Ram Café Debut 1  LENOIR HALL
09/25/1998CDS Officials Say Renovations, Quality Warrent Higher Costs 1  LENOIR HALL
...Students Strut Stuff in Lenoir 3  LENOIR HALL
04/29/1982Cafeteria conversion recalls '69 strike 5  LENOIR HALL
10/21/1998Bad Food, Not Ignorance Cause of Waste at Lenoir (letter) 16  LENOIR HALL
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