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05/22/1997'New' Lenoir stages 1st day of operation 1  LENOIR DINING HALL
04/20/1992Editorial: Lenoir summer hours to hurt wallets, health 8  LENOIR DINING HALL
08/22/1994Food Court Part of Lenoir Renovations 2B  LENOIR DINING HALL
12/06/1995Campus Food Task Force Calls Facilities Inadequate 1  LENOIR DINING HALL
08/24/1994Lenoir changes draw mixed reviews 1  LENOIR DINING HALL
08/22/1994New Chick-fil-A Prepares for Customers as Dining Hall Ren 1A  LENOIR DINING HALL
08/19/1996Task Force releases new design 1  LENOIR DINING HALL
08/26/2003Sushi bar adds variety to Lenoir 13  LENOIR DINING HALL
02/09/2004Post-virus Lenoir back to normal 4  LENOIR DINING HALL
...Norovirus frequently link to presence of rat feces (letter) 10  LENOIR DINING HALL
02/13/2004Hard rock cafe 3  LENOIR DINING HALL
09/29/1959Complaints on Lenoir 2  LENOIR DINING HALL
04/29/1970Editorial Cartoon: Here Is A Graduate Student Sitting On The Steps Of Lenoir 2  LENOIR DINING HALL
02/26/1969Keep Lenoir Empty, Support The Workers 2  LENOIR DINING HALL
02/27/1969Pickets Stop Lenoir Trucks: Protestors To Return This Morning 1  LENOIR DINING HALL
02/28/1969Picketing Halted On Food Trucks 1  LENOIR DINING HALL
03/04/1969Lenoir Boycott Continues: Only Eleven Return To Work 1  LENOIR DINING HALL
03/05/1969Police Close Lenoir Following Disturbance 1  LENOIR DINING HALL
...University Has Much To Learn From Last Night's Trouble 2  LENOIR DINING HALL
03/07/1969Cafeteria Opens Amid Pickets, Protests: Strikers, Administration Bargain 1  LENOIR DINING HALL
04/12/1969Food Prices Rise 1  LENOIR DINING HALL
10/25/1961Remodeled Pine Room Open In November With New Kitchen, Snack Bar, Cafeteria 1  LENOIR DINING HALL
03/21/1968Lenoir Cafeteria To Be Remodelled 1  LENOIR DINING HALL
10/25/2010Dining halls should offer healthier menu options (letter) 5  LENOIR DINING HALL
12/07/2010Construction, coming right up: Lenoir to lose 150 seats due to renovations; Union to start phase 1 of updates in fall 2011 1  LENOIR DINING HALL
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