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02/02/1977UNC lawsuits . . .employment disputes 1  LAWSUITS, UNC
02/01/1977UNC's lawsuit flurry, sign of times 1  LAWSUITS, UNC
11/11/2003Student suing UNC appears at hearing to decide on trial 3  LAWSUITS, UNC
01/13/2004Worker dispute ends in payment 1  LAWSUITS, UNC
02/11/2004UNC officials seek to halt subpoena 3  LAWSUITS, UNC
03/01/2004Court date set for Dorrance civil suit 1  LAWSUITS, UNC
03/29/2004Former worker brings lawsuit 1  LAWSUITS, UNC
06/17/2004Hazards spawn contractor's lawsuit 1  LAWSUITS, UNC
...Worker alleges wrongs in suit against Aramark 1  LAWSUITS, UNC
06/24/2004UNC subcontractor files for bankruptcy 1  LAWSUITS, UNC
08/25/2004Christian group to sue University 1  LAWSUITS, UNC
08/26/2004Group files suit against university 1  LAWSUITS, UNC
...Editorial: Worth the battle 12  LAWSUITS, UNC
08/27/2004Lawsuit provokes campuswide debate 1  LAWSUITS, UNC
...Legislators say school needs to uphold law 1  LAWSUITS, UNC
...UNC officials shouldn't back down due to FIRE argument (letter) 10  LAWSUITS, UNC
08/30/2004Editorial cartoon: "Round one..." 11  LAWSUITS, UNC
08/31/2004UNC's legal trials 11  LAWSUITS, UNC
...Leaders wrong to skirt U.S. law 11  LAWSUITS, UNC
...Editorial cartoon: UNC under FIRE 11  LAWSUITS, UNC
...Legal queries abound in suit 11  LAWSUITS, UNC
...Discrimination is central issue, not ideology 11  LAWSUITS, UNC
...UNC's action conflicts with court decisions 11  LAWSUITS, UNC
09/07/2004Judge rules in Qur'an lawsuit 1  LAWSUITS, UNC
09/10/2004Editorial: Closing the book 8  LAWSUITS, UNC
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