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02/03/1997JAG Corps barred at law school 1  LAW, SCHOOL OF
10/25/1959Hinson Named Assistant Dean Of Law School 1  LAW, SCHOOL OF
10/25/1969Law School Honor Court Gets Black Chief Justice 1  LAW, SCHOOL OF
05/01/1960A Vital Profession Is Saluted 2  LAW, SCHOOL OF
04/29/1962Hardymon Named Editor Law Review; Coif Taps 10: 5 Presented Justice W. Clark Award 1  LAW, SCHOOL OF
01/10/2011UNC to develop master's degree for foreign lawyers 14  LAW, SCHOOL OF
01/12/2011Ed: Divorcing cost from divorce 10  LAW, SCHOOL OF
01/13/1963Space legal aspect topic of meet here 1  LAW, SCHOOL OF
07/05/2012Lack of funding delays law school construction 6  LAW, SCHOOL OF
02/19/2008Law school eager for space 3  LAW, SCHOOL OF
02/20/2008Editorial: Going, going, gone 10  LAW, SCHOOL OF
03/30/1999Justice to Talk at Opening 3  LAW, SCHOOL OF
04/10/2003Law faculty stand by former colleague Baddour (letter) 14  LAW, SCHOOL OF
02/07/1997Law professor's future at UNC still uncertain 1  LAW, SCHOOL OF
03/19/2002Law professors decision to boycott speech not arrogant, but reasoned [Letter] 8  LAW, SCHOOL OF
05/29/1997Law School defends negative numbers 1  LAW, SCHOOL OF
03/19/1997Law school dean's speech addresses issues regarding women's leadership 4  LAW, SCHOOL OF
09/08/1976Proposal for law school panels could... 1  LAW, SCHOOL OF
04/02/2001Graduate schools keep high marks 1  LAW, SCHOOL OF
03/27/1997Legislators combats ban on military recruitment 1  LAW, SCHOOL OF
07/08/1993Scholarship to help gays combat prejudice 3  LAW, SCHOOL OF
11/10/1997JAG recruiters arrive, draw pickets at some law schools 3  LAW, SCHOOL OF
08/24/1978UNC battles prof's lawsuit 4a  LAW, SCHOOL OF
03/17/1977Court upholds open meetings for law... 1  LAW, SCHOOL OF
04/12/1977Law school to appeal court ruling 1  LAW, SCHOOL OF
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