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03/05/1998Technology to help access, mobility in UNC's libraries 3  LAPTOP COMPUTERS
02/18/1998No need for student laptops; equip renovated classrooms (letter) 8  LAPTOP COMPUTERS
01/29/1998Computer plan to bridge gap between haves, have-nots (letter) 14  LAPTOP COMPUTERS
02/20/1998Laptops help UNC business students work 1  LAPTOP COMPUTERS
10/02/2002Replacement Laptop Batteries Expensive, Can Be Hard to Find 3  LAPTOP COMPUTERS
08/20/1998Laptop Checkouts Available 1  LAPTOP COMPUTERS
01/22/1998Editorial: Too much, too soon 14  LAPTOP COMPUTERS
02/17/1998Requirement lessens access; computers needless expense (letter) 10  LAPTOP COMPUTERS
09/21/1998Offer of Low-Priced Laptops Extends to Faculty 2  LAPTOP COMPUTERS
04/26/1999Incoming Freshmen to Participate in Initiative Pilot Study 5  LAPTOP COMPUTERS
08/26/2003CCI's 4th year fills campus with laptops 7  LAPTOP COMPUTERS
12/03/2003Senoirs lead charge to collect old laptops 2  LAPTOP COMPUTERS
...Seniors lead charge to collect old laptops 2  LAPTOP COMPUTERS
12/04/2003Winter laptop drive ends today for Class of 2004 (letter) 12  LAPTOP COMPUTERS
01/13/2004iTunes could offer legal file-sharing 4  LAPTOP COMPUTERS
01/16/2004Editorial: Feast for the ears 8  LAPTOP COMPUTERS
10/30/2003Thefts of laptops increase 13  LAPTOP COMPUTERS
02/26/2004Computer donation request asks too much of seniors (letter) 14  LAPTOP COMPUTERS
09/01/2004Money to go to worker laptops 1  LAPTOP COMPUTERS
09/27/2004Employees inaugurate laptop loan program 1  LAPTOP COMPUTERS
09/22/2010Editorial: On top of laptops: With more students owning laptops before college . . . 8  LAPTOP COMPUTERS
03/24/2011CCI to offer Mac computers 3  LAPTOP COMPUTERS
07/07/2011CCI will expand in fall - Cooper initiatives will increase access 3  LAPTOP COMPUTERS
08/23/2011Sales even for Mac, Lenovo 1  LAPTOP COMPUTERS
06/21/2012New CCI laptop models are ready for order 3  LAPTOP COMPUTERS
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