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11/20/2001BOT delays commitment to landfill cleanup 3  LANDFILLS
09/27/1972Hearing set today on landfill 2  LANDFILLS
09/27/1991Possible landfill site by reservoir ... 1  LANDFILLS
09/13/1972Editorial: One 'crisis' ends 6  LANDFILLS
11/19/1991Search committee to consider landfill sites 3  LANDFILLS
11/07/1972Town adopts plan for sharing landfill 1  LANDFILLS
09/19/1972Residents file complaint against site 1  LANDFILLS
08/31/1972Landfill wrangling ends trash pick-up 1  LANDFILLS
09/05/1972Aldermen approve opening old landfill 1  LANDFILLS
04/12/1995Ed: Landfill: to recycle or to complain 12  LANDFILLS
09/29/1972Town defends use of new site 1  LANDFILLS
03/10/1992Editorial: Landfill committee should revamp process 6  LANDFILLS
03/09/1992Group narrows possible landfill sites down to 2 3  LANDFILLS
03/27/1992Landfill a necessary evil, area residents say 1  LANDFILLS
01/21/1992Love Your Mother seeks zero garbage, no landfill 3  LANDFILLS
09/13/1972Landfill site approved 1  LANDFILLS
10/02/1972Landfill to remain open 1  LANDFILLS
09/20/1972Landfill ownership asserted by town 1  LANDFILLS
09/20/1991Committee to look again at sites 3  LANDFILLS
06/04/1992Landfill site 11 vulnerable, residents say 3  LANDFILLS
09/10/1998LOG Requests Demolition Waste Rules 2  LANDFILLS
09/08/1972State health official: site acceptable 1  LANDFILLS
10/18/1995Federal government might block landfill 1  LANDFILLS
03/26/1992Committee approves drilling on proposed locations 1  LANDFILLS
02/20/2012A landfill full of concerns 1  LANDFILLS
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