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11/14/1996Towns, county at odds over landfill 3  LANDFILL, ORANGE COUNTY
04/01/1998Editorial: Broken promises 10  LANDFILL, ORANGE COUNTY
...Focus: Landfill neighbors share plight, continue to battle for change 5  LANDFILL, ORANGE COUNTY
10/23/1997Officials say landfill deadline unrealistic 1  LANDFILL, ORANGE COUNTY
04/26/2001Press conference tackles landfill issue 1  LANDFILL, ORANGE COUNTY
10/15/1997Editorial: Not in my backyard 14  LANDFILL, ORANGE COUNTY
11/21/1997Board discusses landfill options 2  LANDFILL, ORANGE COUNTY
04/01/1998Focus: Public Housing provides strong community 5  LANDFILL, ORANGE COUNTY
02/27/1992Chapel Hill, Orange residents debate. . . sites 1  LANDFILL, ORANGE COUNTY
04/14/1999County Landfill Leaves Dirty Job for Officials 1  LANDFILL, ORANGE COUNTY
04/16/1999Landfill Neighbors Say Trash Dump Polluted Wells, Devalued Property 1  LANDFILL, ORANGE COUNTY
04/21/2004Editorial: Cost of cleaning up 12  LANDFILL, ORANGE COUNTY
09/27/2010Editorial: From garbage to gas: Capturing landfill gas is a win 7  LANDFILL, ORANGE COUNTY
10/17/2010Landfill gas to power UNC buildings 1  LANDFILL, ORANGE COUNTY
02/21/2011Counties consider landfill problem 3  LANDFILL, ORANGE COUNTY
04/05/2011County board may decide to extend landfill life 3  LANDFILL, ORANGE COUNTY
03/31/2011Waste site woes: Orange County to extend landfill life 1  LANDFILL, ORANGE COUNTY
06/09/2011Towns oppose fee for trash 1  LANDFILL, ORANGE COUNTY
10/28/2011Orange County landfill closing looms ahead 3  LANDFILL, ORANGE COUNTY
01/13/2012Landfill capacity sparks debate 3  LANDFILL, ORANGE COUNTY
03/04/2010Trash happens: Now what do we do with it? 1  LANDFILL, ORANGE COUNTY
01/26/2012Orange County landfill to close 3  LANDFILL, ORANGE COUNTY
...County plans for trash disposal 3  LANDFILL, ORANGE COUNTY
02/20/2012A landfill full of concerns 1  LANDFILL, ORANGE COUNTY
02/22/2012Landfill will officially close in 2013 1  LANDFILL, ORANGE COUNTY
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