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09/18/1998LOG Could Surrender Authority 1  LANDFILL, CHAPEL HILL
10/01/1996Governments debate control of future landfill 1  LANDFILL, CHAPEL HILL
08/29/1997LOG members unable to finalize list of recommendations to towns 3  LANDFILL, CHAPEL HILL
04/30/2001Town defends landfill placement 3  LANDFILL, CHAPEL HILL
11/21/1995Landfill Site Still in Question 3  LANDFILL, CHAPEL HILL
03/31/2011Waste site woes: Orange County to extend landfill life 1  LANDFILL, CHAPEL HILL
01/13/2012Landfill capacity sparks debate 3  LANDFILL, CHAPEL HILL
03/04/2010Trash happens: Now what do we do with it? 1  LANDFILL, CHAPEL HILL
11/18/2009Years of pain: Rogers Road 3  LANDFILL, CHAPEL HILL
02/28/2012Residents await landfill closure 6  LANDFILL, CHAPEL HILL
09/25/2012Rogers Road rehabilitation meets council approval 6  LANDFILL, CHAPEL HILL
03/19/2013A plot of potential 1  LANDFILL, CHAPEL HILL
01/08/2008Protests spark new search for waste-transfer site 13  LANDFILL, CHAPEL HILL
02/06/2008Rogers Road residents renew waste protests 7  LANDFILL, CHAPEL HILL
04/21/2008County trash in question with landfill set to close 1  LANDFILL, CHAPEL HILL
04/22/2008Under their noses -- Residents wary of contaminants from landfill 1  LANDFILL, CHAPEL HILL
04/23/2008Waste has impact 1  LANDFILL, CHAPEL HILL
05/22/2008Rogers Road calls for action 3  LANDFILL, CHAPEL HILL
02/29/1996Landfil Decision At Standoff 1  LANDFILL, CHAPEL HILL