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04/04/1994UNC's coach sore loser in ending syracuse series 9  LACROSSE TEAM
06/05/2003Garrison embodies UNC lax 2  LACROSSE TEAM
03/03/1961Former Student Writes About Failure Of University To Form Lacrosse Team 2  LACROSSE TEAM
03/26/2010Cornerstone lacrosse team returns for reunion 1  LACROSSE TEAM
04/26/2013Tar Heels prepare to take on Duke 10  LACROSSE TEAM
05/16/2013UNC out for revenge in playoffs 7  LACROSSE TEAM
03/24/1964Washington College Spoils Heel's Lacrosse Debut, 17-5 4  LACROSSE TEAM
05/01/1964Lacrosse A Sport For Best Of Men 4  LACROSSE TEAM
09/24/1941Stickmen Face Hard Struggle C5  LACROSSE TEAM
02/17/2014Sweet return for Bitter in UNC win 8  LACROSSE TEAM
03/21/2014Tar Heels to face top-ranked Terrapins 7  LACROSSE TEAM
02/09/2009Tar Heels open season with win 12  LACROSSE TEAM
03/27/2009Tar Heel lacrosse blood runs deep for two families 1  LACROSSE TEAM
05/14/2009Bitter matches Tar Heel scoring record in victory 9  LACROSSE TEAM
06/26/2008Breschi named UNC Lacrosse coach 5  LACROSSE TEAM
03/08/1974Heels to host national champs (on TV) 5  LACROSSE TEAM 1974
03/05/1975UNC stickmen eye successful season 5  LACROSSE TEAM 1975
03/31/1978Doty teaches skills, strategy (letters) 4  LACROSSE TEAM 1978
03/29/1978Lax players state gripes against coach 1  LACROSSE TEAM 1978
03/30/1978Doty dismisses 13 players 1  LACROSSE TEAM 1978
04/03/1978Editorial: Lacrosse future in jeopardy 6  LACROSSE TEAM 1978
03/30/1978Despite losing 13 players, stickmen... 7  LACROSSE TEAM 1978
03/31/1978Lacrosse turmoil lessens; Doty offers.. 1  LACROSSE TEAM 1978
04/04/1980Editorial: Withstanding adversity 6  LACROSSE TEAM 1980
06/03/1982Stickmen seize second NCAA title 1  LACROSSE TEAM 1982
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