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04/16/19739 clubs seek more SG funds 1  LAB! THEATRE
09/03/1992Student theatre groups promote drama variety 3  LAB! THEATRE
02/07/2000Why We have a body 6  LAB! THEATRE
02/23/1996'Intifada' Focuses on Rape Trial, Promises to Provoke Emotions 4  LAB! THEATRE
12/10/1971Laboratory Theatre expanding functions 6  LAB! THEATRE
04/21/1995Lab! theatre's "Pulp College" combines 3 plays in to 1 5  LAB! THEATRE
02/27/1987Editorial: Lab. . .needs support 10  LAB! THEATRE
09/20/1988Builds on...tradition of UNC drama 5  LAB! THEATRE
09/30/2003Controversial 'Snake' looks to charm campus 4  LAB! THEATRE
10/31/2003Lab! show pokes fun at family ties 2  LAB! THEATRE
02/06/2004Lab! looks ahead to busy month 5  LAB! THEATRE
02/24/2004Student theater groups take stage [Arts 24/7] 9  LAB! THEATRE
09/16/2004Troupe to stage 'Manhattan' 7  LAB! THEATRE
12/07/2004Angels in America 2  LAB! THEATRE
02/28/2011A day full of drama: LAB! writes, acts, performs plays in 24 3  LAB! THEATRE
10/14/2011LAB! expands its season 9  LAB! THEATRE
10/06/2011LAB! Theatre goes unscripted for new piece 11  LAB! THEATRE
12/01/2011One for the ladies 3  LAB! THEATRE
01/26/2012Exchange student directs Lab! show 11  LAB! THEATRE
02/23/2012'Milford Project' comes to LAB! 1  LAB! THEATRE
03/19/2012LAB! Theatre hosts one-act festival 3  LAB! THEATRE
04/12/2012The LAB! production is the product of a smester-long study of the play 1  LAB! THEATRE