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02/03/2000Code case decision delayed 1  KLEINSCHMIDT, MARK
02/02/2000Code Dispute hoeads to court today 1  KLEINSCHMIDT, MARK
02/08/2000Students debate effects of ruling 1  KLEINSCHMIDT, MARK
04/08/1999Congress Names Kleinschmidt to top Position 1  KLEINSCHMIDT, MARK
02/07/2000Speaker's decision upheld 1  KLEINSCHMIDT, MARK
03/23/2004Council to mull same-sex rights 1  KLEINSCHMIDT, MARK
03/26/2004Editorial: The wrong forum 10  KLEINSCHMIDT, MARK
...Op.Ed: Kleinschmidt deserves praise for same-sex couple petition 10  KLEINSCHMIDT, MARK
04/23/2004Petition unlikely to earn N.C.'s approval 5  KLEINSCHMIDT, MARK
11/10/2010Chapel Hill mayor honored by ACLU 4  KLEINSCHMIDT, MARK
01/18/2011Town honors King's legacy 1  KLEINSCHMIDT, MARK
02/17/2011Ed: Minimize, move forward 12  KLEINSCHMIDT, MARK
04/26/2011Mayor reflects, plans 1  KLEINSCHMIDT, MARK
04/21/2011Transportation talk: Kleinschmidt talks with citizens over coffee 3  KLEINSCHMIDT, MARK
09/19/2011Mayor Kleinschmidt to start own law firm 4  KLEINSCHMIDT, MARK
09/29/2011Mayor speaks about use of death penalty 4  KLEINSCHMIDT, MARK
11/08/2011Ed: Re-elect Mayor Kleinschmidt 10  KLEINSCHMIDT, MARK
03/03/2011Board weighs town deer numbers 4  KLEINSCHMIDT, MARK
12/06/2011Lee Storrow, 22, joins council as youngest member 3  KLEINSCHMIDT, MARK
03/03/2010Mayor opposes opt-in policy 7  KLEINSCHMIDT, MARK
03/04/2010Need to lead 3  KLEINSCHMIDT, MARK
12/07/2010Mayor-elect to take office 3  KLEINSCHMIDT, MARK
11/09/2009Ed:Bridge the divide 7  KLEINSCHMIDT, MARK
11/18/2009Community looks to bridge racial divide 14  KLEINSCHMIDT, MARK
03/23/2012Town looks to lobby in DC 4  KLEINSCHMIDT, MARK
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