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09/19/1959Nikita Using Routine Red Pitch, Analyst Declares 1  KHRUSHCHEV, NIKITA
09/20/1959Mr. And Mrs. K Not Getting To People 1  KHRUSHCHEV, NIKITA
09/22/1959Ike Worried Over Attitude US People Show Khrushchev 3  KHRUSHCHEV, NIKITA
09/23/1959Khrushchev Visits Iowa To See Corn 1  KHRUSHCHEV, NIKITA
...Mr. K's Visit Is He Sincere? 2  KHRUSHCHEV, NIKITA
...Herter Warns Against Underestimate 3  KHRUSHCHEV, NIKITA
09/24/1959Krushchev Sees Iowa Farm; Says, 'God Is On Our Side' 1  KHRUSHCHEV, NIKITA
...Of Commissars And Morehead 2  KHRUSHCHEV, NIKITA
...Khrushchev Advises Stevenson To Hope 3  KHRUSHCHEV, NIKITA
09/25/1959People Too Large, Mrs. K Declares 1  KHRUSHCHEV, NIKITA
...Khrushchev's Tour of U.S. Ends With Note of Mystery 1  KHRUSHCHEV, NIKITA
09/26/1959Completely-Incompletely 2  KHRUSHCHEV, NIKITA
09/29/1959President Eisenhower Hints Summit Parley Possible, Plans To Consult With Allies: Ike Says Khrushchev Agrees, 'No Deadline' 1  KHRUSHCHEV, NIKITA
02/11/1960Di-Phi Makes Krushchev Man Of Year 1  KHRUSHCHEV, NIKITA
12/09/1962Khrushchev to give report on Cuban Crisis to Soviet 1  KHRUSHCHEV, NIKITA
04/14/1964Khrushchev Is Not Dead, Says TASS 1  KHRUSHCHEV, NIKITA
10/17/1962Attorneys Look For Case Of Murder Against Khrush 3  KHRUSHCHEV, NIKITA
10/25/1962Showdown Seems Possible Between Opposing Ships 1  KHRUSHCHEV, NIKITA