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09/26/1972Editorial: Sneaking past the guards. . . 6  ALCOHOL USE (KENAN)
10/10/1972Alcohol policy another failure (letter) 5  ALCOHOL USE (KENAN)
09/23/1972Editorial:Booze problems can be handled 4  ALCOHOL USE, KENAN
09/20/1996Police to issue citations for Kenan alcohol consumption 1  ALCOHOL USE, KENAN STADIUM
03/03/2004Energy firm gives $212K 3  KENAN INSTITUTE OF PRIVATE ENTERPRISE
08/25/2004Entrepreneur program offers cash to students 6  KENAN INSTITUTE OF PRIVATE ENTERPRISE
07/19/2012New leader selected for institute 3  KENAN INSTITUTE OF PRIVATE ENTERPRISE
03/15/19946 dorms slated for 24-hour visitation 1  KENAN
08/29/2008New Tar Pit seats surround end zone 1  KENAN
04/21/2014Kenan to get upgraded cell service 1  KENAN
10/24/1962University Receives $7,500 Grant For Enlargement Of Kenan Stadium 4  KENAN
10/29/1986Building ties academics, business... 3  KENAN CENTER
12/09/1992Sports business opportunities to be found. . . 2  KENAN CENTER
03/18/2008University alumnus named director or Real Estate center 3  KENAN CENTER
03/27/1998Kenan trust gives $100,000 1  KENAN CHARITABLE TRUST
03/29/2010Ed:Make them an offer 12  KENAN CHARITABLE TRUST
03/26/2010UNC given $5.5 million for hiring 4  KENAN CHARITABLE TRUST
05/29/2008Grant aims to double size of Honors Program 1  KENAN CHARITABLE TRUST
08/26/1999Johnson Named Kenan Distinguished Professor 3  KENAN DISTIGUISHED PROFESSOR
03/10/1980RHA rejects Kenan residence college 3  KENAN DORMITORY
01/24/1995Ed: Be careful! 8  KENAN DORMITORY
05/14/2009Kenan leader to leave post 1  KENAN DORMITORY
01/20/1977Kenan field house addition on time 5  KENAN FIELD HOUSE
09/01/1977UNC football home gets remodeled 6  KENAN FIELD HOUSE
04/26/1999Friday to Leave High Post With University, Again 1  KENAN FUND
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