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04/08/1971Students must pay for better Jubilee (letter) 8  JUBILEE
04/12/1973Jubilee-haven for illegal drugs (letter) 8  JUBILEE
04/20/1971Official Jubilee policy announced by Leonard 1  JUBILEE
04/14/1971Writer raps choice of Jubilee performers (letter) 8  JUBILEE
02/04/1971Voting won't suffer from date (letter) 8  JUBILEE
04/17/1971Jubilee wronged by letter writer (letter) 4  JUBILEE
03/21/1972Op.Ed: No strikes at Jubilee 8  JUBILEE
04/28/1971Small stage to provide additional Jubilee fun 1  JUBILEE
01/18/1973Seniors seek Jubilee return 5  JUBILEE
04/09/1971Jubilee: 'a fight in the pit' or 'the beach' 3  JUBILEE
04/26/1973Restoration gains support 1  JUBILEE
02/02/1971Jubilee date should be changed (letter) 10  JUBILEE
08/31/1971Fate of Jubilee still undetermined 5  JUBILEE
05/11/1971No Jubilee? 1  JUBILEE
04/12/1971Chuck Berry right for Jubilee (letter) 6  JUBILEE
04/30/1971A labor of love became more labor. . . 3  JUBILEE
...Jubilee--UNC spring weekend arrives 1  JUBILEE
05/04/1971Reader attacks Jubilee. . . (letter) 8  JUBILEE
04/17/1971Jubilee's good despite protests (letter) 4  JUBILEE
04/07/1971Jubilee 1  JUBILEE
04/30/1971Jubilee--an aging salute 3  JUBILEE
04/16/1971Critic's jubilee--Pi Lam jukebox 6  JUBILEE
04/19/1972Op.Ed: What about Jubilee Fund 8  JUBILEE
03/06/1970Cocker Heads Jubilee Lineup 1  JUBILEE
03/17/1970Jubilee: Can It Be 'For Everyone?' 2  JUBILEE
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