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11/20/1995IFC's Responsibility 10  INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
11/30/1989Dry rush proposal up for IFC vote 1  INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
10/18/1995Inter-Faith Council Shelter offers helpful haven 5  INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
03/25/1980Editorial: The golden grail 6  INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
12/10/1990Editorial: Party pooper (drinking) 8  INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
08/20/1999Report: IFC Meals Nutritious 3  INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
12/02/1997IFC prepares for upcoming winter season 2  INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
02/25/1980IFC investigation begins (Zeta Psi) 1  INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
11/07/1989Greeks could gain by merging (letter) 10  INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
12/05/1980IFC. . .defends service to black frats 12  INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
10/14/1997Volunteers recognized by Governor 2  INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
02/03/1975Punishment for Zeta is service 2  INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
10/29/1996Fraternities, sororities seek self-governance 5  INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
10/23/1984Frats try to bridge racial differences 1  INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
12/04/1980Black frats upset with IFC 1  INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
11/15/1995Phi Gamma Delta Rush Co-Chairman Wins Post in IFC Elections 2  INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
02/25/2000Financial shortages plague IFC 3  INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
11/15/1995Crowd of Protesters Gathers at Fraternity 1  INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
08/30/1996Binder claims 'freeloaders' hurting IFC rush 3  INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
12/08/1970Editorial: Upward bound saved by IFC 6  INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
09/19/1990IFC approves mandatory security, frats 1  INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
03/30/1994IFC opens door to black fraternity 1  INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
10/10/1990IFC donates rush fines to libraries 3  INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
10/16/1970IFC Chooses 8 To Judge Frat Violators 2  INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
03/09/19722.0 pledging rule dropped by IFC 1  INTRA-FRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC)
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