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09/17/1999Logging On to the Wide Web of Sports 3  INTERNET USE
12/03/2003Campus seeks to caution students 1  INTERNET USE
11/24/2004Google gives studies a boost 5  INTERNET USE
09/28/2011Universities talk gigabits 3  INTERNET USE
05/17/2012Minors often successful ordering alcohol online 6  INTERNET USE
08/22/2013Connect Carolina 2.0 Blocked By ITS 1  INTERNET USE
03/18/2015Ed: Municipal cat videos 14  INTERNET USE
08/30/1999http:// legislature 14  INTERNET USE, UNC
12/11/1998Internet Use Forces UNC To Test Copyright Laws 1  INTERNET USE, UNC
08/27/1999University Internet Use Soars With 4,000 Surfing 2  INTERNET USE, UNC
09/19/2001Network traffic lowerd by limits on file-sharing 3  INTERNET USE, UNC
12/03/2003Campus seeks to caution students 1  INTERNET USE, UNC
01/29/2004SBP hopefuls log on for support 3  INTERNET USE, UNC
01/14/2011Scan to notify illegal sharers 3  INTERNET USE, UNC
09/28/2011Universities talk gigabits 3  INTERNET USE, UNC
03/30/2010Program protects UNC Internet 7  INTERNET USE, UNC
03/20/2012Town might offer free Internet access in public places 3  INTERNET USE, UNC
10/08/2012ITS proposes fee increase for surfing 3  INTERNET USE, UNC
01/15/2013Gig.U initiative faces legal hurdles in NC 3  INTERNET USE, UNC
08/19/2013Wi-Fi set to launch on South Campus 3  INTERNET USE, UNC
02/17/2014Court: FCC cannot enforce net neutrality 1  INTERNET USE, UNC