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02/17/1994Slain bookstore owner honored in memorial 3  INTERNATIONALIST BOOKS
08/30/1996Managers: bookstore battle overblown 3  INTERNATIONALIST BOOKS
02/17/1995Future of internationalsit books is in the hands of land owner 3  INTERNATIONALIST BOOKS
08/26/1996Bookstore Deplores Student Stores' Tactics 1  INTERNATIONALIST BOOKS
04/02/1991Book store re-opens after 6 weeks 1  INTERNATIONALIST BOOKS
03/06/1991Skylight to sell Internationalist texts 3  INTERNATIONALIST BOOKS
04/09/1992OMNIBUS: Where does Johnny go to read? 6  INTERNATIONALIST BOOKS
08/30/1996Internationalist promotes small, alternative press 3  INTERNATIONALIST BOOKS
02/08/2001No gap in residents' loyalty to local stores 1  INTERNATIONALIST BOOKS
01/08/1997Textbook controversy 'stopped' 1  INTERNATIONALIST BOOKS
03/05/2003Bookstore owner's past belief in left-wing views (letter) 10  INTERNATIONALIST BOOKS
08/29/1996Editorial: (Textbook Store?) 14  INTERNATIONALIST BOOKS
02/20/2003Internationalist Books provides base for change 1  INTERNATIONALIST BOOKS
12/11/1998Shop Pulls Textbooks Off Shelves 3  INTERNATIONALIST BOOKS
12/15/1970UNC unconcerned over...women (letter) 6  INTERNATIONALIST BOOKS
08/30/1996Editorial: (Consumer freedom, choice important) 8  INTERNATIONALIST BOOKS
03/18/1991Internationalist Books may reopen... 1  INTERNATIONALIST BOOKS
03/26/1991Bookstore to repopne April 1 3  INTERNATIONALIST BOOKS
09/05/1996Internationalist Books plans to follow will of the people 12  INTERNATIONALIST BOOKS
10/31/1991Father of slain man tranfers ownership 3  INTERNATIONALIST BOOKS
09/16/1991Committee keeps . . . going months after 3  INTERNATIONALIST BOOKS
11/29/2004Local group eschews commercialism 1  INTERNATIONALIST BOOKS